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Americans must Pay Attention and Question Mr. Biden’s Acts

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The Big Why Qs about Mr. Biden’s acts are coming to the frontline and fast.


Because The People have fond memories of what happened over the last 4 yrs. They know how the economy skyrocketed because of President Trump’s policies, how he removing all of the burdensome regulations, letting people spend their own money, and determine their own way. 

Those are the policies that had a very fast effect on Making America Great Again after 8yrs of the prior administration.

In my discussion with friend, colleague and economist Bruce WD Barren Friday evening we noted that “throughout history some people believed that a true Utopia was a place where they give government full power over them from cradle to grave to take care of you. In return  people then give the government their freedom. However,  when that was tried, it never worked. That is not America, in my opinion. When our Republic was created, it was created to be a place which was  for individual freedoms,  

A place where The People could live their lives the way they wanted to, where they could believe what they wanted and where they had religious freedom. 

We believe in all of that as long as those rights did not negatively impact or disrespect the next person’s rights. We were and still must remain a  government of The People and for The People, not one based on selective interests. 

Trying to classify Freedom of Speech as Impeachment as a high crime or misdemeanor is totally inappropriate, as our former President did not say: Go riot, storm the Capital, and invade plus destroy the Chambers of our Government.

The real question is why Congress who controls the Capital Police and the Mayor of Washington, DC can only order the National Guard to take preventive measures as they have done in previous Capitol demonstrations and marches. 

If one watches closely the many clips shown in the Media and study the backgrounds of those who acted in such a way, you will find that the true adjudicators  and socialist extremer’s were members of Antifa and social adjudicators, not followers of our prior President. 

Destroying the positives of the prior President, in my opinion, is not positive. Learning where mistakes were made and correcting those is however positive. However, this is not being done and will not in my experience, bring this Country back together.

When we look back in our History where many more serious offenses occurred starting with the American Revolution and numerous slave-owning Presidents to the dropping of bombs on Hiroshima, etc. to today’s Benghazi and Presidential perjuries including the Whitewater scandal, Impeachment only furthers divisiveness.

It is definitely not the way to go, for it will only further infuriate many of the 74 millions voters who wanted the re-election of our prior President. That is not uniformity for a country like ours in order to move forward. Destroying the positives of a Presidential legacy is not the way to go, in my opinion.

Instead, we should build on his positive contributions which there were many and correct where there are weaknesses. 

Remember, Socialism has never or will ever worked for we have seen its negativity in countries where it has abound. Our government’s  focus domestically should be getting people back to work, establish a coherent immigration policy that does not inhibit domestic employment, stop the constant inconsistencies in the corona vaccine which it can do plus clear up the confusion about who can and can not get vaccinated timely – when and where, including the mismanagement by some states so that vaccines are not wasteful destroyed, take the pork out of the current stimulus package – some $300-500 billion,  force Congress to talk and act as fiscally responsible representatives of The People – not self-serving people-dividing politicians – a concept totally foreign to them. And cause mismanaged states to manage their budget responsibly in the manner of the fiscally well managed States. Florida, Tennessee, South Dakota, North Carolina and Utah’s taxpayers should not penalized because of the mismanagement of New York, California and Illinois.

Personally, I believe that Congress and their destructive attitudes must be changed, including their own impeachment procedures. Do you know that individual members of Congress can not be impeached or held personally accountable for their acts? They cannot be recalled either. Elected Senators and Representatives are restricted only by peer censure and term limits. Some states have term limits, others don’t.”

Now, within just 2 day of this new Democrat administration, we have Mr. Biden trying to undo much of The Trump Administration’s America First work by executive order and ask Why?

Mr. Biden called for unity but acted divisively, Why?

His policy moves and proposed moves have not reflected a bipartisan approach. He floated an immigration plan that had no support from Republicans, plus his moves on climate change and energy set out to kill jobs and did.

His aid/relief/stimulus package, which he claims he will enact immediately has not draw Republican support and is likely to be done through the long process of budget reconciliation.

We asked Why a lot of good things will be torn apart and we hope The People are paying close attention. Why? because there are distinct philosophies on how America should be run; Capitalism and the utopian Progressive Marxist Socialism.

Americans want a strong leader, 1 which champions US power and influence abroad, 1 who has the ability to bring the nation together, repair its infrastructure, healthcare and education systems, and restore public trust in democratic elections. 

Given all of that, the Big Q is where will Mr. Biden focus his limited time and attention?

Mr. Barren noted, “That internationally challenging changes should be made internationally.” Now that is another story.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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