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Americans are Resilient and Courageous, You Cannot Impeach That

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The spike of US business formations in 2H of Y 2020 has been a big surprise“– Paul Ebeling

After falling 30% in the wks following the March lockdowns, paperwork filed by prospective businesses started growing in June and finished the year ahead of Y 2019’s tally by nearly 25%, according to a US Census Bureau analysis of federal tax documents.

It now is the highest annual total on record, according to the official data.

The upswing in American entrepreneurship and positive sentiment comes against the backdrop of mass closures of established small businesses as The China Virus lockdowns shuttered shops and kept people at home.

The National Restaurant Association estimates that 17% of US restaurants; or about 110,000 establishments have closed permanently or for the long term.

At the same time the medical emergency chaos accelerated the shift toward online shopping. About 33% of the increase in new business apps comes from those planning online and other non-store retailers, reflecting how people can build a website and start selling in a matter of days.

This phenom is providing a lifeline for people when the national unemployment rate, at 6.7%, has almost 2X’d from last February, and it take courage.

The phenom is softening some of the blow to the labor market and giving the newly unemployed a chance to make back some of their lost income,

America is still down 10-M jobs through all this, but this startup activity is starting to pare that number.

Surprising many economists, entrepreneurs applied to the Internal Revenue Service for 4.3-M Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) in Y 2020, up 24% over the same frame in Y 2019 despite chaos.

That includes many sole proprietors, and economists are encouraged by a subset of those IRS filings classified as ‘high-propensity‘ applications, which have characteristics suggesting the future businesses will have employees. They rose 16% in Y 2020.

Overall, the nation saw about 600,000 more business applications through early October than it did in the same frame in Y 2019, and almost 200,000 of those were in online retailing, according to a breakdown by the US Census Bureau.

There has been a real-time evolution of American commerce in response to The China Virus signaling that Americans are resilient, courageous and do not want free stuff, they want to work.

Last year’s surge in entrepreneurship is a big departure from the Great Recession during the Hussein Obama/Biden Administration about 12 yrs ago

In Y 2020, applications for federal employee ID numbers grew for 29 wks running through year’s end.

In Y 2008, applications only had 3 wks of gains at most, according to a new analysis by the Economic Innovation Group.

Web-hosting firms like Shopify Inc. and Squarespace Inc. provide easy templates for e-Commerce businesses, while on-demand companies like Printful Inc. can handle printing, warehousing and shipping.

The increase in applications to start new businesses is broad-based across sectors, but we’re seeing real spikes exactly where you would expect; in the sectors that are experiencing real step-changes in demand, from e-Commerce websites to home delivery to truck transportation.

According to economist and savvy political observer Bruce WD Barren: “The increase in applications to start new businesses is broad-based across key economic and sustainable sectors, but we’re seeing real spikes exactly where you would expect; in the sectors that are experiencing real step-changes in demand, from e-Commerce websites and a sustaining real estate market to home delivery to truck transportation.

It is clear that President Trump’s business and fiscal policies plus strong leadership inspired many Americans to have the courage to take the risk and start their own businesses. It is hearting. Whatever the Politicians says, how  you can impeach that or are certain members of Congress so afraid of our President so as to try to knock him totally out of the Political Arena through now a second but waste of time Second Impeachment Attempt.

Given his many accomplishments as our President which have been good for America, in my opinion, it is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to do that.

“Our Constitution has been in effect since 1789. That’s 231 years. Are people aware that 75% of impeachments have been in the past 50 yrs, and all of them were for political theater. In my opinion, Impeachment should be a last resort check on executive power, and should be treated as such, not with the foolishness that is occurring today where the Media and certain Congressional members are trying to sensationalize and force conclusions about the recent Washington March for their own political advantage. However, when the truth eventually comes out, certain of those conclusions might become evaporative quickly.

Americans Making and Keeping America Great!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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