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Altcoins Are Gaining on Bitcoin


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“Altcoins are alternatives to the cryptocurrency King, Bitcoin, and as crypto’s market cap has reached new heights, the alternative coins taking away Bitcoin’s market share”— Paul Ebeling

As of 14 January the global crypto market cap of $2.5-T, Bitcoin’s market share is 39% down from about 70% from this time last yr. In other words, altcoins currently make up more than 60% of the crypto market.

New cryptocurrencies like Cardano, Avalanche, KNIGHTS, Ripple and Polkadot are on the rise, and boast more functionalities than Bitcoin.

Investors who want to partake in this growth will need to understand why altcoins are gaining on Bitcoin.

Below are the Key reasons why the newbies are having their day, as follows:

Digital assets are gaining momentum among institutional investors. Since these larger investors tend to have more money to invest and may be able to take on more risk than the average investor.

Many altcoins are much cheaper, and therefore more accessible to individual investors. As crypto’s popularity continues to grow, investors are looking for new altcoin opportunities that are low in price because they provide the most upside potential.

Altcoins can take advantage of the shortcomings of Bitcoin. For example: Ethereum allows for multiple functionalities in the blockchain infrastructure, such as automation and more broadly interacting with the network

The most popular reason for trading altcoins is because there is a possibility for a higher return on investment in the short term. Experts say altcoin investors can use the tokens to manage their risk since some cheap coins or projects do not require a large investment. To maintain profits while minimizing risk.

So, if you are investing your valued savings and if you do your research, place it for a while and leave it. And if you have the time frame to wait, join the KNIGHTS Round Table and what it grow.

Have a healthy, prosperous holiday weekend, Keep the Faith!

#altcoins, #stablecoins, #bitcoin, #knights,

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