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Alexander’s Steakhouse, San Francisco, CA

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A steakhouse of impeccably sourced meat; Alexander steakhouse has so much to offer to customers.

It is a name on the Y 2022 list of best steakhouses in America and it is in 1 of the most popular States on this list; California.

This time, in the city of San Francisco. Alexander steakhouse serves exotic options like wagyu beef of different Japanese sources.   The sources include A5 Hyogo Kobe and others.

You can also enjoy 12-ounce bone-in filet with butter and caramelized onion glace, and the 19-ounce T-bone which is served with black garlic miso sauce and leek fondue.

Eric Upper brings culinary excellence and a decorated background to Alexander’s Steakhouse San Francisco has worked with all cuisines and techniques. As a committed culinary professional who is highly experienced, Eric has garnered exceptional knowledge and strong leadership skills at various Michelin-rated restaurants including Joel Robuchon Restaurant at the MGM Grand Las Vegas and Aureole in New York.



448 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Everyday 5:30pm-9pm

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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