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“Alcohol is Bad for Sleeping” “It is?”

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The University of Sussex conducted a survey to find out what happened when 800 people took part in a “Dry January.”

A number of benefits were reported, from losing weight to saving money, but 1 stood out: 7 out of 10 people who stopped drinking alcohol for just 1 month reported sleeping better.

  • Behavioral studies support the notion that having 2 or 3 drinks before bed helps promote sleep, but this is short-lived
  • Within just a few days, the sleep-promoting effects of alcohol diminish, while in the longer term, alcohol use is linked to sleep disturbances
  • Alcohol is a short-acting sedative and a rebound will occur, with arousal increasing about 2-3 hrs after your blood alcohol levels decrease to Zero
  • A rebound of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep may occur during this arousal phase, during which intense dreams or nightmares may occur
  • Ultimately, sleep becomes fragmented while even the initial sedative effects will wane as the body develops tolerance, typically after 3 to 3 days of alcohol use
  • Those who drink a lot in the evening are also less alert during the day and more tired than those who do not.

During sleep, the human body engages in important physiological restoration.

Experts do not recommend drinking alcohol as sleep aid as there are lots of other ways to get a sound’s night sleep that will leave your body truly refreshed.

For starters, sleep in complete darkness as light even that from a night light or alarm clock can disrupt your internal clock and your production of melatonin and serotonin, thus interfering with your sleep.

Keep the temperature cool, between 60 and 68F, and turn off the TV and computer at night.

And, as mentioned above, avoid drinking alcohol, as it will likely cause you to wake up during the night and have fragmented sleep.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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