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4th of July Grilling: The Best Cheeses for Wagyu Beef Burgers

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It was in Y 1934 that the term “cheeseburger” was coined, on the menu at Kaelin’s restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. They topped a patty with American cheese in the hopes of adding a “new tang to the hamburger,” and this now-classic staple would soon appear everywhere from diners to backyards, all across the US.

Over the years, the cheeseburger has morphed from its humble origins. Restaurants love to experiment with various toppings and condiments, from sautéed mushrooms and crispy onions to aioli and pickle relish, to transform the traditional cheeseburger into something new.

At the core, however, the cheeseburger always relies on a ground beef base and cheese topping.

Of the lots of fine cheeses for burgers mine is real French Roquefort. I have not seen Roquefort cheese on burgers on any restaurant menus. I have seen Blue cheese, it is not the same. I put it inside and and on Top. It takes about 1 min 45 secs to melt, and it is not gooey like other cheeses I have used. The cheese adds delicious details to Wagyu ground beef, So, if you enjoy very intense flavors, give this 1 a try. No bacon, no onion, no tomato, no bun and medium rare. Eat it like a steak!

The Wagyu Burger

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

Have a happy 4th of July weekend, Keep the Faith!

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