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When The Tiger is Your Animal Spirit…


The Tiger is a Power animal, call on its spirit when you need it“– Paul Ebeling

The Tiger spirit animal inspires us to become the master of our domain, whether that is in a field of knowledge, skill or mastery over ourselves so that we can be the person we were meant to be.

Summon the spirit of the majestic Tiger power animal when you are facing adversity or need to summon more confidence in any given situation. The spirit of the Tiger can help to infuse courage and fiery determination in your heart.

The Tiger power animal is also a helpful reminder when going into situations where you need to “own things” whether it be an interview, a negotiation, or a performance of some/any kind.

On a spiritual level a Tiger vision, especially 1 with a dragon, demonstrates that you seek harmony in your life, the balance of Yin & Yang energy.

In ancient China, the Tiger symbolized protection of goodness, while a destroyer of evil.

In fact, in Chinese culture, the founder of Taoism, the celestial master Zhang Daoling was depicted riding a mighty Tiger. The Tiger helped Zhang Daoling to destroy demons so he could ascend to the heavens.

In Chinese and other Asian cultures, the Tiger is viewed as a balancing spirituals force to the dragon. While the dragon represent Yang, or masculine energy, the tiger represents Yin, or feminine energy. Without 1, the world falls out of balance.

The Indigenous Peoples of Siberia and Eastern Russia call the Tiger the guardian of the forest. They view the Tiger as a protective spirit who keeps the forest healthy and nature in balance.

Have a happy, Christmas week, Keep the Faith!

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