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What is Possible and Not Possible in This Democrat Congress


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Trillions of dollars are on the line and with the help of a Democrat Congress Mr. Biden is set to spend historic amounts of money on a cornucopia of pork projects“– Paul Ebeling

Mr. Biden’s $4-T+ spending bill is dubbed “infrastructure,” the meaning of infrastructure has been redefined to include such things as child care and health insurance subsidies.

Unless The People protests and start paying attention, it may very well pass the Senate without 1 Republican vote.

The move could come through a parliamentary rule called budget reconciliation, which allows the majority party to fast-track certain legislation, while dodging a nearly certain GOP filibuster.

Because the spending bill covers such a broad range of projects, it is being watched by a coalition of companies and organizations. Everyone has skin in the game on an infrastructure package.

Along with the $4-T+ in planned spending, the bill also has targeted tax increases in it. Mr. Biden wants the corporate-tax rate raised from 21% to 28% and higher taxes on people making more than $400,000 a year.

Elizabeth MacDonough is the nonpartisan Senate parliamentarian. She and her 2 assistants will make the final recommendation about what policies Democrats can — and cannot push under reconciliation. The Senate has the power to overrule the parliamentarian but historically does not.

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