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VirtualCons Launches Revolutionary NFTs and Block Chain Technology


 VirtualCons which has been responsible for bringing excitement to fans from their app to events, is now providing a safe blockchain marketplace providing fans with the opportunity to buy authentic collection pieces on their new NFT platform, SopranosCon Social Club. They have joined forces once again with an artist by the name of Minty, to create additional characters for the series and to kick off this next concept for a string of digital projects designed specifically with the fans in mind by preserving the legacy of their favorite—and arguably the greatest—television series of all time.
On November 29, 2021 at 12pm EST, SopranosCon will release one collection of unique NFTs of “The Glorified Crew”, featuring characters from the original gang + new never seen before additions. Each character will be a 1 of 1 and range in styles, features, and locations, all being different and unique in their own way. VirtualCons will be showcasing the launch of their coin with a huge marketing display in Time Square New York City.
The first collection will consist of 10,000 NFTs and all purchasers will be automatically entered into a lottery with many perks. The entire collection must be purchased to unlock the lottery perks including gifting of the official VirtualCons cryptocurrency coin, a Christmas party at Tony Soprano’s mansion in North Caldwell and the grand prize, ownership of the pearl white Cadillac Escalade used in the series, autographed by the late great James Gandolfini, for one lucky winner.
“I am super excited about launching our first NFT and blockchain technology.  The world is changing and so are we.  We have always had the mind set of, For the Fans … By the Fans.  I am a major fan and I am going to buy one of the NFT’s.  We plan on doing many NFT collections but we had to start with our favorite, The Sopranos.”  Michael Mota, CEO of VirtualCons
An NFT is a non-fungible token, or a unique and irreplaceable representation of a digital or physical object. An NFT represents ownership of this unique asset and is stored on a centralized blockchain as unmodifiable “proof” of who the owner is. VirtualCons brought on Knightsbridge to bring forth their innovative software product services to build the NFT and Blockchain platform. Their goal is to offer unique digital and physical assets to their customers in a safe and easy-to-purchase environment. Customer experience is at the forefront of everyone’s priority with safe and accurate transactions. 
For more information visit: https://sopranosconsocialclub.io & https://virtualcons.com

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