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Avoid Fake Meats, They are Ultra Processed Food


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“Caring for our planet is Key, our health is directly impacted by the health of the environment we live in” — Paul Ebeling

  • Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND) has signed an agreement with the Jiaxing Economic & Technological Development Zone (JXEDZ) with plans to start producing its fake “beef,” “pork” and “chicken” products in China
  • Production is in full-scale operations
  • The Beyond Meat brand is growing steadily, with total revenue increasing from $16.2-M in Y 2016. it was expected that its revenue would reach $358-M in 2020, but it exceeded that, hitting $406.8-M
  • Beyond Meat cites human health as one of its driving missions that will be achieved by shifting from animal to plant-based meat, but it’s widely known that Ultraprocessed foods like fake meat are the enemy of good health
  • A hallmark of Ultraprocessed foods are their long ingredient lists; Beyond Burgers patties contain 22 ingredients

So, if you are interested in saving our planet and supporting your health, pass on the fake meat alternatives trying to disguise themselves as health foods and opt for grass fed meat, which is real food that has being raised the right way, instead.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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