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USA Headed to a Civil War

After decades of causing War and unrest across the globe it appears now Washington is now focused on starting a War at home.

The immunity of the Democrats from any form of prosecution and the persecution launched against the Republicans has taken the country beyond breaking point.

The United States is a country that is deeply divided. The political divide is wider than it has been in decades, and there is a growing sense of distrust and animosity between the two major parties. This divide is not just limited to politics, but it is also evident in other areas of society, such as race, religion, and social class.

There are a number of factors that are contributing to this division. One factor is the rise of social media, which has created echo chambers where people are only exposed to information that confirms their existing beliefs. This makes it difficult for people to understand and empathize with those who have different views, the woke agenda dominates the space and is creating a growing resentment around the world.

Another factor is the decline of trust in traditional institutions, such as the media and government. This has led people to turn to partisan sources for information, which further reinforces their existing beliefs.

The result of this division is a country that is increasingly polarized and angry. This anger is being exploited by politicians and interest groups who are using it to divide people even further.

There is a growing fear that this division could lead to civil war. There have been a number of incidents in recent years that have raised this alarm, such as the BLM and ATIFA riots.

It is important to note that there is no guarantee that the United States will experience a civil war. However, the factors that are contributing to the division in the country are very real, and they need to be addressed.

If the division in the United States is not addressed, it is possible that the country could experience a civil war. This would be a devastating event for the country, and it would have a profound impact on the world.

Here are some of the things that could be done to prevent a civil war in the United States:

  • Address the root causes of division:┬áThis includes addressing issues such as the forced woke agenda, crippling taxation, and political polarization.
  • Promote unity and understanding: This includes encouraging people to have civil conversations about difficult topics, and to support media outlets that promote factual reporting.
  • Rebuild trust in traditional institutions: This includes supporting reforms that make these institutions more transparent and accountable.

Shayne Heffernan

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