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US States Run by Dems are Struggling with High COVID-19 Case Rates, Not So Florida!

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Just In: Florida is now reporting the lowest amount of COVID-19 cases per capita in the country + it is driving the nations jobs growth,

The US does not need to impose a lockdown or shut down its economy to curb the spread of the VirusCasedemic, there are better tools”–Paul Ebeling 

As of Monday, Florida continued to report the lowest case rate in the US, standing at 7 per 100,000, with a daily average of COVID-19 cases at 1,437, a decrease of 2% over the last 2 wks.

But, states run by Democrats that locked down for extended periods of time are struggling with higher case rates than Florida’s.

For example, Michigan, led by Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, is reporting a daily average of 8,780 daily cases. This translates into 88 cases per capita and a 78% increase over the last 2 wks. The state’s health leaders last week urged everyone 2 yrs and older to wear a mask, even if they have already been vaccinated.

Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul’s New York is now reporting a daily average of 6,901 cases, or 35 per capita, representing a 63% increase in the last two weeks.

Pennsylvania, led by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, was locked down for months and is now also seeing a high daily average of 5,903 cases, translating into 46 per 100,000 and a 43% increase over the last 2 wks.

Florida’s Governor DeSantis (R) noted these facts at a press conference where he signed legislation combating vaccine mandates, saying that “they don’t want to tell you this, but Florida for like almost a month has been either the lowest or one of the lowest COVID in the entire country. You see it surging in other parts. The corporate media, they don’t like it when it surges in other parts. They only like it when it surges in places that they don’t like.”

Have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving holiday week, Keep the Faith!

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