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Top Luxury Holiday Destination in Sicily

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“After 2 years and the Covid-stricken Summers of 2020 and 2021, we all deserve a holiday”–Paul Ebeling

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is blessed with an abundance of riches, and should be on your travel list. This Sun-kissed southern Italian island’s history, charm, cuisine, and Top accommodation options have made it synonymous with luxury escapes.

Here is my pick for the best of the best Sicilian destinations for a luxurious and relaxing break in the Sun, as follows:

Nearly as prestigious as Athens, Corinth, and Carthage when it was a Magna Graecia colony, the ancient coastal City of Syracuse is a true gem on the south-eastern coast of Sicily, now listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

The small adjoining island of Ortygia is where most of the historical sites are located, including fabulous Baroque buildings, a medieval fortress, and a couple of splendid Greek Doric temples.

One of the most requested rental properties in this part of the island is Prestige. This exclusive property offers the privacy, space and comfort of a private home paired with Top amenities, enticing views, and direct, private access to the transparent waters of the Ionian Sea.

Pool dwellers, food and sea-lovers alike will find plenty to treat themselves to, whether that’s lounging by the pool with a book, sipping on some local wine as the sun sets, or swimming in crystal-clear, glittering blue waters before a dinner of freshly caught fish.

Renting a super-luxe sea-view villa is the way to go. The property is available to rent through Select Sicily, a luxury vacation rental company dedicated to providing Top quality accommodation in sunny Sicily. For more information and reservations, please visit the company’s website. Click here

Enjoy your Summer travels, the chaos is over, Keep the Faith!

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