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To Be More Attractive To The Opposite Sex…

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If a man, smile less and show more pride. If a woman, a smile is the Key to attention” — Paul Ebeling

We all want other people to find us attractive, but the Big Q is how?

Should you smile or play it cool? Should you be more reserved or outgoing? While relationships are not an exact science, studies have given us some insight into what makes us attractive to the opposite sex.

It is a common misconception that sexual and romantic desire originates in the heart. Through neuroscience, we have been able to see the chemical processes in the brain that cause us to feel these feelings, which make our heart rate increase, our pupils dilate, and makes us breathe quicker.

Our vision helps us perceive the physical characteristics of the other person. Even though people look for different things in a partner, signs of youth and health are generally seen as more attractive.

These are my Key tips, as follows:

Men: The 10-day Aussie “scruff” is ideal

A study at the University of New South Wales in Australia has shown that 10-day beards are most attractive. Women judged beards of 10 days as more attractive than longer or shorter beards, showing that 10-day beards, in general, are most attractive.

Women: Wear high heels

According to a study, the taller the heel, the more helpful behaviors were activated in men, which means that men were more willing and likely to help a women wearing taller heels.

Wear red: Red is a good color for men and women. According to studies red is associated with passion, eroticism, power, and virility. Researchers have shown that both men and women are more attractive, more sexually desirable, and more sexually receptive to people wearing red.

And when talking to another person, always look them in the eyes + listen.

Have a prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!

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