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Time to UnMask, OpenUp and Live Free Again

by Paul Ebeling
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There is huge harm happening in these state mandated lockdown and school closure actions, and in the end they do more harm than good to the most vulnerable populations all while the elite and privileged have been packing their portfolios with massive gains during this VirusCasedemic.

Regular people are suffering in unprecedented ways, from financially to mentally, and medical experts are glossing over, ignoring or simply misinterpreting data showing the truths of what is really happening.

There is absolutely no reason to lock down and constrain an ordinarily healthy ‘well’ society, a younger society, in the first place,” Dr. Paul Alexander says. “Never in human history have we done this, constraining an entire society. We always lockdown/quarantine the cases and vulnerable, not the well.”

He adds, “Are we going to kill off the entire country or world to stop every case of COVID-19? Is this the goal or policy now, to ‘stop COVID-19 at all costs?’ This is destructive, illogical, and unsound policy if this is the new policy.” 

We have the disease management tools. So, inform people properly, and allow them to exercise their personal responsibility and to live free once again, as they take all the necessary risk-reduction steps and live without fear.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Paul Alexander, PhD (University of Oxford, University of Toronto, York University, and McMaster University) graduate and postdoc educated in a combination of epidemiology, research methodology, biostatistics, and evidence-based medicine/EBM)

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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