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The US Southern Border Was Opened By Design


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The surge at the nation’s border was created by design by Mr. Biden’s admin to bring in an “open borders agenda,” former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan said Wednesday, adding that the current situation is the “worst” he has seen in his career.

They knew what they were doing,” Mr. Homan said on TV. “This isn’t incompetence. This isn’t bad management. This is open borders. They designed an open borders agenda, and the men and women of the Border Patrol feel abandoned. They are no longer enforcing the law. They are facilitating illegal entry at the instruction of the administration.

Tuesday, Raul Ortiz, the Deputy Chief of the US Border Patrol, told reporters he expects more than a million illegal immigrants will come to the US-Mexico border this yr.

In February, the Border Patrol arrested about 100,000 migrants, or the most in any month since Y 2019, and Mr. Ortiz said there are already some higher days when 6,000-plus illegals immigrants were apprehended. 

Mr. Homan said Wednesday the situation is “totally preventable,” as the Biden admin was briefed by ICE and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and told if they ended the programs put in place by The Trump Administration, there would be a “surge like you have never seen before“.

The illegal immigrants are being released to fan across Texas and the United States, and that is hard to comprehend, except that it appears this is Mr. Biden’s plan.

They want open borders. They want as many of these people to come in and get on government assistance and become voting citizens or at least voting. These people come and continue bolster the Democrat party. The American people need to wake up and demand an end to the open door to illegals policy.

Working to make America Great again!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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