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The Rolls-Royce Ghost Thinks

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“The way technology is moving nothing surprises me”–Paul Ebeling

Here is the story This is not actually about the features of the next-generation Rolls Royce Ghost. The prestigious car company is about to launch its next-generation Ghost, and it is loaded with intuitive features, that it will be thinking for you.

Together with the AWD setup, the new Ghost will have all-wheel steering. The superior new aluminum body used for that Cullinan and the marvelous new Phantom will underpin Ghost Mk2.

According to Rolls Royce, it will also feature new suspension trickery. This is called the ‘Planar’ system that involves an “upper wishbone” damper which, is mounted above the front suspension assembly. This results in a more stable ride.

Then we have ‘Flagbearer’, an optical road-reading suspension system. The Flagbearer works in conjunction with these dampers and the results are incredible The name Flagbearer was possibly inspired by the memory of the rare occurrence a servant would walk before a a royal carriage or motor car with a red flag while traveling the English Highway.

Lastly, there is a satellite-aided transmission, which functions with the use of GPS data to pre-select the best setting for each particular corner. This is of course all part of how the new Ghost will be “even more enjoyable to ride.”

Luxury motoring is not just about seats and suspension, it’s about not having to worry about damper settings when on the road. According to the Ghost’s leading engineer “it’s not trying to be a sports car” and “it’s not trying to be a grand statement – it’s simply exceptional and exceptionally simple”.

Of course, RR drivers or their chauffeurs around the world are waiting for this dream of a car to be released. We can only dream about what they will come up with next but for now, let’s enjoy the new Ghost and it’s incredible ability to think for you.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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