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The Progressive Left, Elites and RINO’s Pushed Him Out, But Donald Trump says “America, I am not going away”

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I have followed politics over the yrs, have sought out facts from solid sources, have reported them in this column daily, and my views are aligned with 10’s of millions of Americans who voted for President Trump last November“– Paul Ebeling

Last wk the White House published a list of President Trump’s many accomplishments during his term as President of the United States.

The “Trump Administration Accomplishments” lists what President achieved during the last 4 yrs, including the amazing, against all odds economic boom before and after the instant recession brought on by The China Virus.

President Trump was the Man for all Americans, bringing job opportunities for Americans of all races, creeds and colors.

He cut taxes for the middle class, created jobs, invested in Opportunity Zones, deregulated American businesses, and revamped trade policies and and made deals across borders with America First as the goal.

He promised to build The Wall on our southern border, he built 450 miles of if it and halted most of the illegal crossings.

He rebuilt our military and clamped down on our NATO allies, making them pay up, and dramatically changed our federal judiciary system from bent left to straight conservative by successfully installing 3 new justices to the Supreme Court plus appointing roughly 230 federal judges and 54 appeals court judges

President Trump’s worked vigorously for religious freedom in the United States and China, sanctioning the wrongdoers.

And of course, he and his allies have fought long and hard election integrity at all levels of government.

President Trump committed to an “orderly transition” to the next administration, but that he will not attend Mr. Biden’s virtual inauguration.

Instead, America’s Best and Most unappreciated President since George Washington will have his Farewell Celebration live at Andrew’s Airforce Base before he and his family board Airforce One and wing down to South Florida where he plans to HQ and live.

“In a recent Facebook post, evangelist William Franklin III  put it right when he compared the Democrats and Republicans who voted on impeaching President Trump to Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus Christ.

In my opinion, Trump will go down as one of the most unappreciated President of the United States and the one who lost more wealth than any other President. As he leaves office he would had lost more that 25% of the wealth that he had before entering office. He gave and gave so did his family but certain voters will never appreciate it. 

Ask yourself, would you had done the same and without even a salary? 
Certainly not the House Speaker, Trump most ardent and harsh critic, whose wealth is estimated, rightly or wrongly, between $196- $237 million by certain sources. However, as the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi only earns an annual salary of only $223,500. On assuming the position, she received a $30,000 paycheck raise (from $193,000). This made her the third-highest salary earner in the United States Government after the President and the Vice President. When she first entered Congress in 1987, the full-year salary for a rank-and-file member was $89,500. Figure that!  Do you not wish you were so unfortunate?

What people want to forget is that President Trump gave us lowered taxes, gave us one of our greatest economies in his first 2 years in office, made us energy self-sufficient, created a strong economy and an unbelievable recovery,  had the guts to take on North Korea plus China, cancelled the one-sided Iran Nuclear Treaty, increased tariffs to protect American manufactured goods, initiated major prison reform, secured our southern border, brought women and minority rights to the forefront even more than President Johnson’s Great Society legislation, restored the strength our military, defended religious liberty and became one of the greatest defenders of Israel, defeated the ISIS caliphate in Syria, caused a pandemic vaccine to be developed in unbelievable time and against all odds, and made NATO take notice plus also made NATO and the UN pay their own way. What a versatile bag of gifts to America!

Politician should bury their hatchets with Trump, stop being self serving for political gains by dividing the country by their adverse opinions, think of his positive contributions and focus on unifying our great country. People should leave history to itself and let it judge who did what and whether it bests served The People, not try to destroy one’s accomplishments because of fear and envy.

Thank you Mr. President and my hope is that you gain your place in our history, not jammed by the Media,” says world recognized economist Bruce WD Barren. 

Donald Trump worked tirelessly every day and night while in office to Make America Great Again, and we here at HeffX-LTN believe he will continue to pursue that goal from Mar a Lago.

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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