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The Power of Blockchain…


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“…to disrupt worldwide financial services is happening” — Paul Ebeling

The Blockchain Center of Excellence leads efforts for Distributed Ledger Technology applications, actively researching blockchain use cases to develop in-house technology and pilot solutions across lines of business within J.P. Morgan.

Connecting leading technologists, the program aims to actualize enterprise-grade blockchain tools, such as JPM Coin, Interbank Information Network® (IIN) and Quorum®, to drive industry standards and deliver value to clients.

The program also manages strategic relationships and investments with key vendors and consortia, including Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, The Initiative for CryptoCurrencies & Contracts, Global Blockchain Business Council and Hyperledger, a Linux Foundation Project.

KYC: A blockchain know your customer based solution offers a unique set of advantages that enable the seamless and secure exchange of the information between different trusted entities.

From hype to reality.

Blockchain is becoming a core part of the enterprise technology stack as leaders use it to reinvent business processes. Tune in, listen!

Have a happy, healthy, prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!

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