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“The Left Believes in Government, We Believe in Freedom”


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The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help,‘” President Ronald Reagan famously said, rebuking the big government policies of Democrats.

We believe in people and communities, families and opportunity. The left believes in big government and big institutions.

Mr. Biden has said, ‘Help is on the way,’ and Ronald Reagan understood the last place you want to look is the government to help you out.

Wednesday, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) appeared with former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, who noted Mr. Biden’s government has “created the crisis at the border” after The Trump Administration had it stabilized.

Before he left office 2 months ago President Trump said, ‘If you undo the policies we put in place regarding the border, you will see a tidal wave of immigrants come across.” And that is exactly what we are seen now.

Mr. Jordan took specific objection to the tone of Mr. Biden’s 1st national address on 11 March, which was given on the 1-yr anni of the World Health Organization (WHO) declaration of the coronavirus outbreak as a world ‘pandemic’ and hrs after he signed a $1.9-T spending bill that was delivered only with Democrat support in Congress under the guise of it being VirusCasedemic aid/relief/stimulus, but was actually big government pork.

It was almost like he was talking to us like we were in grade school: ‘If you do what government tells you, exactly what we say, we might let you have a little independence come Independence Day,'” Mr. Jordan said. “Well, that’s not how this great country works. That’s not how freedom works. So we were kind of, I think, highlighting that as well.”

Now we can expect that anything that goes wrong in our country the Democrats will try to blame on President Trump, instead of taking responsibility for their policies that have caused the situation on our border. That is how the left operates, and the majority of Americans have common sense and they see through it all.

Economist, political analysts Bruce WD Barren weighs in: “Unfortunately today partisanship is the destructive Vogue in our Capitol . Everything that was constructively thought out in the prior Administration and implemented is now being torn apart – replaced with a non-business approach to Government. Charitably Giving with little regard for sound business principles are evaporating by the day with our National Debt now totally out of control.

Well, the focus on America’s future is a concept of yesterday, unfortunately burdening generations to come with an impossible National Debt. Washington seems to care little, if any, and before we know it, huge inflation will be in reality here, but without a commensurate rise in real wages. 

Whether America want to admit it, American generosity to the World has returned with no responsibility for appreciation and reciprocity or constructive management.  Our country must understand that America can no longer afford the evaporating America of yesteryear, especially with the rise in social media which has been in fact skewed in reality to the Left which are not the principles on which our forefathers built this country.

“‘Responsibility’ for prudent State Fiscal management, has been a word no longer found in the Webster dictionary. replaced with bail-outs from Washington.! Nor is it reality to blame our problems are on racial divide and police brutality. To me, they are manufactured excuses for not doing what the Bible taught us as youngsters – help they neighbor and our first responsibility is to our family and those around us!

An open-door immigration policy is not the answer either for it takes away existing jobs, ones we can not afford to abandon without the expansion of new compensatory employment. We seem to have a blind eye to reality  whether we want to realize it or not, our poverty lives, drug abuse is abundant, homeless population is growing too, yet local government are not incentivized to solve such an atrocity. 

Even our incentive to return is work has been seriously damaged because of the non-responsible government giving under the Pandemic, with little incentive to return ‘real’ work or real parenthood where children are being born without the consideration of affordability.

What our parents so dearly taught us is no longer a core principle of the family. So, next generation, get prepared for we are going to be handing you a suicidal gun of self-destruction, including but not limited to increasing racial bias fueled by a non-responsible public Media, a loss of basic family values coupled with a quickly disappearing fiscally responsible government to our citizens.”

Working to make America Great Again!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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