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The Great Shortage of Labor in the US


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“Labor shortage is due to government handouts, hence ‘Help Wanted” signs everywhere in the USA” — Paul Ebeling

The cause of the great US labor shortage is due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. Small businesses ran out of money, stores ran out of supplies, and no stores were opening, which made employees lose their jobs, and some people even became homeless.

Then getting the stimulus checks made people quit their jobs. It is not productive for people who work hard for their paychecks to make less than people who do not work and are on unemployment; the VirusCasedemic caused the shortage.

Virtually everywhere I go I see “help wanted” and “now hiring” signs where restaurants and businesses are reopening or rehiring.

This is strange because it is not something we have been used to seeing from day to day.

My thoughts about the labor shortage is largely due to the generous checks the government has been handing out.

To some folks it is helpful and beneficial in the grand aspects. And to others, they take it as an opportunity to just not do anything.

In some peoples’ minds they think, “Well I’m getting paid not to work, so why should I have to work to get paid in the first place?”

Overall, there can be many assumptions about this. Maybe some are seeking and found other jobs with better pay on their own looking for the 3 P’s; pay, purpose, and pathways and education and training are the Key to achieving the “pathways” to the better jobs they are seeking in an increasingly tight skilled labor market.

Business CEOs have expressed concern that there are too few training programs that are well suited to the actual skills workers need, because the country is very much focused on credentials from universities, particularly the elite ones less focused on physical work.

We need to move to a model where businesses are not looking at credentials such as scored tests and instead focus on providing skills and education.

And then, perhaps some are just afraid of the resurgence of the VirusCasedemic. However, I believe that this issue, for the most part, is due to the checks the government has been handing out.

The future of work is with employers that help employees with continuing education programs for advancement in their current positions to keep them from quitting in frustration.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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