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The Gold Bull is Up and Running



“Cheap money mean gold’s Bull run will continue through Y 2021 with the precious Yellow metal rising to $2,500oz by year’s end” — Paul Ebeling

The price of gold has been in a slump after it reached all-time highs mid-VirusCasedemic.

Lots of micro and macro factors are melding to put this Key commodity in a major 2nd rally.

The macro factors are: The Fed is still expanding its balance sheet to pump up inflation.

The Biden administration is pushing another $3-T+ stimulus package.

Inflation is on every investor’s mind as treasury yields rise and TIPS spreads see it right around the corner.

The precious Yellow metal is the classic asset to hold as cash loses its value, but for those who do not want to own the commodity directly a US mining company we are about to cover is setting up to rally in late Q-3 and through Q-4. It has an expanded mining territory in the western US and investors will see it as a value play in the next Bull run.

Note: Berkshire Hathaway has positioned itself behind Barrick Gold already this Summer.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!


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