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The Elites Want Never-ending Lockdowns

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“COVID Mutation‘ stories show us that the lockdowns are designed to last forever”–Paul Ebeling

As The China Virus nears its 1st-yr anni, governments and health officials keep promising that lockdowns are only temporary.

The Big Q: Are they?

The Big A: No, the evidence shows that they may have been designed to go on interminably.

Even if official lockdowns are lifted, world technocracy leaders envision ‘pandemic‘ strategies that amount to invisible lockdowns via digital tracking that will determine restrictions on where you can go, things people can do and services you might get, depending on one’s health and COVID-19 infection status. 

These strategies would allow what MIT Technology Review writer Gideon Lichfield calls legal discrimination against anyone who is infected with the virus.

Using cellphone data, along with other tracking capabilities, people could be identified by name and denied entry into meetings, entertainment events, public transportation and businesses.

The claim that if you go along to get along everything will go back to normal is a con. What the elites want is never-ending lockdowns.

There is no program to save lives or flatten the curve. The entire health argument is nonsense.

Nothing that has been done so far supports the notion that public health is the priority.

Instead, what we are seeing is a rush towards totalitarianism using COVID-19 as the excuse, and thankfully that effort is failing.

Consider the fact that hundreds of thousands of people already die each year from infectious diseases like the flu and pneumonia and COVID starts to be far less threatening. It is certainly not an excuse for medical lockdowns and Orwellian contact tracing measures.

On Top of that, the studies are revealing that the lockdowns and the masks are completely ineffective in stopping the spread of The China Virus. The states and countries with some of the most strictly enforced mandates also are the places with the highest infection spikes.

It is clear the response The China Virus is about dominance, not public health. The People are starting to recognize this, and they are set to revolt.

Do not be afraid.

Have a healthy New Year, Keep the Faith!

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