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The Current Administration Promised a Lot, Done Little (Part 1)

by Paul Ebeling

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“This administration is focused on tearing down the prior Administration’s accomplishments instead of building on them”– Paul Ebeling

“I’m never going to raise the white flag and surrender. We’re going to beat this virus. We’re going to get it under control, I promise you.” — Joe Biden taking credit for the outstanding work of President Trump.

We here at the LTN political desk are monitoring the 100 most important campaign promises of Mr. Biden. You will recall that he said his Top priorities were fighting the coronavirus, improving the economy, responding to calls for racial justice and combating climate change and many, many more.

For each Key promise promise, we have researched the issue and then rate it based on whether the promise was achieved: Promise Kept, Promise Broken, Compromise, Stalled, In the Works or Not Yet Rated.

We rate the promise not on the new administration’s intentions and/or effort, but on real outcomes not the broadcast rhetoric . We previously tracked the promises of President Trump (45) and President Hussein Obama (44).

Getting down to the Brass Tacks

Let us 1st look at the current Administration’s score card on 6 Key domestic issues, the international issues will be laid out in Part 2: inflation, racial social injustice, polarized politics, immigration, employment, homelessness and federal budgetary management. Unfortunately, the scorecard is not looking very good: Score; Zero, except for a stimulus check attached too much pork-barrel legislation!.

The People are confused and frightened which is not healthy for our over-debt ridden country, with no end in sight.

On inflation, Mr. Biden is totally unfocused despite the fact that The United States is experiencing much faster inflation than analysts predicted. April 2021 saw the consumer price index jump by 4.3%, the highest rate on record since Y 2008. That is without adding the rise in prices for food and fuel and the real increase in residential real estate prices all of which are big concerns for America.

The US Labor Department reported that inflation grew at it’s fastest rate in over 12 years as of last month, following economic recovery and rising energy prices. The consumer price index, which measures energy and housing costs, as well as a fistful of other goods, rose by 4.2% compared with last year, compared with the Dow Jones estimated 3.6% increase. Monthly gains increased by 0.8% compared with an expected 0.2%.

On racial social injustice, this has turned out to be a nightmare with Politicians accelerating the problem for personal gains. Here, the Media unfortunately is totally to blame. They have blown this totally out of proportion. They do not want to understand that we must also recognized that there are seven key factors, not just one, affecting our racial problems.  All must be treated equally too! Fueling racial social injustice is unfortunately polarized politics where certain politicians are wrongly trying to capitalize on it instead of searching for solutions to this problem. Where is their pledge to represent all of their constituents, not just a Media driven few.

On immigration, the US Customs and Border Enforcement announced that last month/ April, 173,000 illegal aliens were apprehended at the border, more than at any time in decades. That is a solid measure of more illegal border crossings, not better enforcement. In fact, the number of illegal aliens arrested or deported dropped to an all-time low  However,  Mr. Biden is promising amnesty and making clear that the US will no longer deport even many types of dangerous, violent criminals, naturally, illegal immigration is surging out of control.

The Big Q: Where is the President coming from, does he really want to protect low-family income employee who are must affected by illegal immigration? 

The Key factors which the Mainstream Media and leftist Politicians have categorized wrongly. They have purposely organized people into groups triggering ingroup loyalty and intergroup competition and segregation, which hardens racist perceptions, preferences and beliefs.

Simply put, the US systematically constructs racial categories, places people inside of those categories and segregates people on the basis of those categories, which in our opinion, is wrong, much to the blame of our Social Media.

For example, there is a considerable body of research showing that people, adults and children alike, tend to feel and act more positively toward those they consider to be like them and in their “ingroup.” This means that they are likely to treat people from outside of their social circles less favorably.

The remaining 3 factors the researchers argue that employment with 8.5-M unfilled jobs, homelessness represents some over half a million people, and federal budgetary management with the largest deficits in American history, growing and uncontrollable plus filled with pork-barrel legislation also contribute to American racism.

These include: hierarchy, which emboldens people to think, feel and behave in racist ways; power, which legislates racism on both micro and macro levels; Media especially, which legitimizes overrepresented and idealized representations of White Americans while marginalizing and minimizing people of color; and passivism, such that overlooking or denying the existence of racism encourages others to do the same.

In short, they argue that the US positions and empowers some over others, reinforces those differences through biased media, and then leaves those disparities and media in place.

Of the 7 factors they identified, perhaps the most insidious is passivism or passive racism, according to scholars. Politicians want to forget that they were elected to represent the people, not themselves.

Most importantly Mr. Biden has not gotten bipartisan cooperation on driving the economy to greatness again.

Bottom Line: “We must work together and not in polarized encampments . We, The People, are waiting!” says contributing LTN economist Bruce WD Barren.

Working on Making and Keeping America Great Again!

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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