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Thanksgiving Week: Travel Tips for Families

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On the road again… 

Lots of families will be heading out on the highways for the Thanksgiving Holiday about 8% more than last yr.

If you are looking forward to your family get-together but not the whines of “How much longer?” think about taking some quick roadside breaks in nature.

Better than a rest-stop parking lot, nature breaks slows the heart rate, improves blood pressure, and relaxes the brain.

So, plan stops at state or local parks, or take the scenic route to search for hidden ponds or pumpkin patches on the way to Grandma’s house and a sumptuous family reunion.

Be thankful

Here is a fun twist on the tradition of going around the table saying what everyone’s thankful for: Children can think of silly things to be grateful they’re not. For instance, maybe they should be thankful they’re not an emperor penguin chick otherwise, they would be eating regurgitated turkey and mashed potatoes right out of your mouth! 

Check out 7 other things that likely aren’t on your gratitude list, then just for laughs, challenge your children to come up with more. And if you want to show them how to spread a real attitude of gratitude, check out the Nat Geo Kids book 100 Ways to Be Thankful.

Enjoy your travels this Thanksgiving week, be mindful, Keep the Faith!

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