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ThaiGPT: Bitkub new AI start up Investment

ChatGPT has become a widely used tool in all fields of industries. Thailand’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bitkub, has high hopes for the future of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and they plan to expand their business by investing in new tools, ThaiGPT, as part of the company’s strategy.

Bitkub Capital Group Holdings founder and chairman Sakolkorn Sakavee publicly stated on Facebook that Bitkub will collaborate with ThaiGPT IT developer Panutat Techasen, blockchain developer Dom Charoenyos and other co-partners to build a new platform. Moreover, Mr. Sakolkorn also noted in his facebook posts that he encourages people that would like to know more or interested towards ThaiGPT should contact him directly for more information.

Mr. Techasen and Mr. Charoenyos founded Tokenine in addition to ThaiGPT. They co-founded ThaiGPT with the goal of becoming an AI research and development company, specializing in large language models and generative AI. ThaiGPT’s goal is to capitalize on the popularity of the open AI platform ChatGPT.

Mr Panutat also added in a statement that new technology brings him excitement. With the uprise of AI, it’s a evolvement towards technology. “If I’m not jumping in now, it would be a shame because it will be a technology that will change the world for sure.”

According to a report by Bangkok Posts, Tesla’s co-founder and chief executive, as well as the owner of Twitter, Elon Musks, has also reached out to Igor Babuschkin, to discuss about developing a new chatbot that could potentially challenge ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

Open AI created Chat GPT, an AI chatbot auto-generation system for online customer service. It is a pre-trained generative chat that employs Natural Language Processing (NLP). It gets its information from numerous sources, which it then models into its own language for responding to human interaction.

Using artificial intelligence, this chatbot system provides information and responses to inquiries.

The GPT-3 model is the most popular Chat GPT model. The main function of Chat GPT is to generate responses in a text box that are similar to those provided by humans. As a result, it is appropriate for chatbots, AI system conversations, and virtual assistants.

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