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Stoicism Is on the Rise

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Stoicism is becoming cool, hip, relevant and has entered pop-culture”–Paul Ebeling

Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus are being mentioned and quoted on social media, and not only is it a gateway philosophy into the ancient world, it is helping people.

This is very true when it comes to the notion of control and realizing what is in our power and what is outside of it. Nothing like a global VirusCasedemic and heavily enforced lockdowns to really make this lesson hit home.

Then there are the ideas about thinking rationally and not taking offense. It is a power-giving concept when we realize that we can control our own reactions, to choose the most logical response.

Stoicism tells us we can do this by developing self-control. This is also a way of overcoming destructive emotions; to be cautious instead of fearful, to be wishful instead of envious, or to enjoy Joy in place of pleasure. I learned this at an wealy from my parents and teachers.

At its cor, Stoicism teaches us to seek virtue, to form good habits and to not concern ourselves so much with things outside our realm of control.

The Big Qs: What is human nature? And do we really want to live according to it? And in general, can we live according to nature?

The Big A: In order to live the good life, one must live consistently according to nature. This worked a bit better when everyone believed that nature was an ordered, logical realm; that the universe was purposefully and rationally organized to a good end.

This theory is not as common anymore…

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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