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Solve the Supply Chain Chaos, Look for the ‘Made in the USA’ Label

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“The trademark chant heard at the enthusiastic rallies for President Trump (45) then and now was/is that of, “USA! USA! USA!””— Paul Ebeling

That is a reference to President Trump’s goal to “Putting America First” including bringing manufacturing plants for America’s iconic brands back home from overseas.

That has fallen the the wayside in the Biden administration, The WS-J reports that CEOs are ow thinking of bringing production back home aka reshoring.

Some are moving their plants closer to their suppliers to eliminate at least 1 step in the global production process. Others are creating in-house facilities, as it is about control.

The widespread reports about the convoluted global supply chain, with China at the core of many goods, has opened the eyes of the heads of leading companies.

Some CEOs think the disruption to the global supply chain is an anomaly. But others think other pandemics, climate-change or black-swan events could happen again and that they will need to be better equipped to continue to run their businesses and that means bring the manufacturing back home.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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