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Small Boutique Fashion Week During Miami Swim

Get ready as NYC Fashion Week’s most powerful event for indie brands voted by CBS & Forbes.com sets up shop in in Wynwood during Miami Swim.
Small Boutique Fashion Week Miami will take place Saturday July 10th & will feature over 20+ brands debuting their collections during our award winning Covid-19 safe, outdoor fashion exhibit & pop up shop taking over downtown the artsy neighborhood of Wynwood.

Come out to support small businesses & some of the fashion industry’s most talented designers, vendors, & models from Miami & around the nation. Join us as we follow CDC guidelines for a night of fashion, art & networking with some of the industry’s hottest new talent. 

-Amazing Outdoor Venue
-Wynwood Art District 
-Open Wine Bar
-Curated House Music Blends
-Fashion Vendors From Around the Country
-Award Winning Food Trucks on Premises 
-Fashion’s Most Influencial Indie Brands 
-Corporate & Small Business Sponsors
-National & International Models
-Invited Celebrity Guests
-National & International Fashion Industry Professionals Looking to Network

Early Bird VIP Open Wine Bar Tickets on Sale Now
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Model Designer Vendor Audition
Why SBFW Miami is in Wynwood & The Miami Design District 
Tap here to learn why Wynwood & the Miami Design District is the best place designers during Miami Swim Weekend 
SBFW Miami Swim will be taking place in one of Miami’s most premiere artsy neighborhoods…. Wynwood.  Boasting over 6000+ square feet of outdoor fashion exhibit space, Small Boutique Fashion Week designers vending during one of Miami’s most profitable week… Miami Swim. 
Watch as 20+’brands debut their collection during one the most anticipated fashion events post pandemic. 
Enjoy, sun beaches & VIP accommodations such as open wine bar, free gifts from our past & present sponsors such as Just Water, Good Water, Hubert’s Lemonade & Godaddy.com. 
Join us as we continue our Small Boutique Fashion Week Fashion exhibit & Retail tour Saturday July 10th during Miami Swim.
Get SB Fashion Week Miami Tickets
Location: 20 NE 29th Street Miami Florida

SBFW Miami & SBFW Tour still accepting designers & vendors …Apply below
Designer & Vendor Audition
Things To Do In Miami
Top 10 things to do in Miami 
Designers Vendors & Models …Audition for SBFW Fashion Show Tour
Are you a designer, vendor, member of the press or fan of fashion?SBFW is the fashion industry’s most powerful & longest running event serving members of the small business fashion community looking to get their start by selling to, or working with boutiques, department stores & international clients. Our goal is to get your merchandise sold and provide a platform where indie designers, models and press can flourish. Over the past 9 years Small Boutique Fashion Week has proven itself to be a force in catapulting emerging & small business designers into the spot light while increasing their revenue.  SBFW has debuted the collections of over 1500+ designers & vendors and is currently on a national retail tour. Want to go on tour & travel the country selling your brand in pop up shops monthly? Want to model for designers from all over the globe? Looking to increase you or your brand’s notoriety & work with the industry’s best new talent? Tap below to learn more about Small Boutique Fashion Week. 
Tap Here To Auditon/Rsvp
SBFW Fashion & Retail Tour Dates 

Feb 13Th NYC Done
March 6Th Philadelphia Done
April 17Th Denver Colorado Done
May 15Th Charlotte Done 
June 12Th Cleveland Ohio Done
July 3rd Essence Fest New Orleans NEXT
July 10 Miami Swim 
July 17Th Atlanta 
August 14Th Houston 
August 24Th Mexico Shoot 
Sept 11 NYC Fashion Week 
Oct 9th LA Fashion Week TBA 
October 16Th Chicago 
November 13Th Oklahoma
Small Boutique Fashion Week Has Been Featured in…
Tamron Hall Covers Small Boutique Fashion Week For the Today Show
Past & Present Sponsors Include…
Want to see more footage, show your collection, vend or model?
Visit Smallboutiquefw.com
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