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SLAY, Manhattan Beach, California, USA


Chef David Slay enjoys a well-earned reputation as 1 of the most professional and hardworking chefs in the hospitality business.

David is a 3rd-generation American restaurateur, he started his training at 11anni in his father’s kitchen. He apprenticed with classically trained European chefs in Las Vegas when he was 17, and at 20 opened his 1st restaurant, a 26 seat French café with no liquor license, he was not old enough to get one.

David apprenticed with 2-Star chef Gerard Vie at Tros Marches in Versailles and A. Beauvillier Restaurant in Paris with famed chef Marc Angel. Afterward, he was the owner and chef of several popular fine dining restaurants in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, before coming to the California restaurant scene, where he became the face and spirit of David Slay’s La Veranda in Beverly Hills, the renowned California/European-style bistro he founded in Y 1989. Under Chef Slay’s direction, La Veranda was recognized as one of the “Best Gold Medal Restaurants in the United States”. David then created and currently runs 2 successful restaurants: Park Ave Dining and il garage ristorante in Orange County, California. Both restaurants are consistently among the top-rated restaurants in Zagat, and il garage was recently named one of the Top Italian restaurants in Southern California in Orange County Register.

Also, he has also added 2 restaurants to his empire just steps away from his home in Manhattan Beach, CA: SLAY Steak + Fish House & SLAY Italian Kitchen.

In Y 2017, David leveraged his success into the winemaking industry and founded Slay Estate and Vineyard, which is set in the majestic Santa Barbara wine country and its prestigious Sta. Rita Hills AVA. There he brings his meticulous attention to detail and focus on personable service as a successful restauranteur to the art of running a vineyard. He took 2 + yrs to prepare the estate and worked hand-in-hand with vineyard managers and workers on all details, which visitors notice immediately upon arrival.

At his restaurants, Chef Slay is as likely to be found watching over the staff of sous chefs, bakers, and pastry chefs as he is to be spotted visiting customers at their tables to explain how he prepared their meal.

That same dedication forms the foundation of the Slay Estate and Vineyard and of the relationships with the vineyard workers. To learn more, click here and visit

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