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Sitting on a Cash Pile 14.0? Worldwide Retail, Travel Data Key in Reopening


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Criteo SA (NASDAQ:CRTO) broke out on 28 January at 18.85 and confirmed on 3 June at 39.23. Thus, garnering a LTN Cash Pile Buy rating with a 1 yr price target at 55/share.

The Street’s consensus target is at 43.27. The shares closed Thursday at 39.23 on strong volume.

The Key support is at 29.13 and the Key the Key resistance is at 217.04, beyond that mark the resistance is lite through 33.66/share

Our over technical out is Bullish to Very Bullish long term as all Key indicators are flashing Green.

Criteo S.A., a technology company, provides marketing and monetization services on the open Internet in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific.

The company’s Criteo Shopper Graph, which derives clients’ proprietary commerce data, such as transaction activity on their digital properties.

Its Criteo AI Engine solutions include lookalike finder, recommendation, and predictive bidding algorithms; bidding engine that executes campaigns based on certain objectives set by its clients; dynamic creative optimization+, which assembles customized creative advertising content by optimizing each individual creative component in the advertisement; software systems and processes, which enable data synchronization, storage, and analysis of distributed computing infrastructure in various geographies; and experimentation platform, an offline/online testing platform to enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of prediction models.

The company also provides Criteo Marketing Solutions that allow commerce companies to address various marketing goals by engaging their consumers with personalized ads across the web, mobile, and offline store environments; and Criteo Retail Media solutions, which allows retailers to generate advertising revenues from consumer brands, and/or to drive sales for themselves, by monetizing their data and audiences through personalized ads, either on their own digital property or on the open Internet.

In addition, it offers real-time access to advertising inventory through its publisher partners; consulting services to companies in distance sales; and business intelligence and analytics services. It serves companies in digital retail, travel, and classifieds industries.

The company was incorporated in Y 2005 and is HQ’d in Paris, France.

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