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Finance Blocks Finds Institutional Investor for $25m

Finance Blocks

In a frenzy of trying to make it in the crypto world. Many businesses release their tokens and start their companies without any real utility and purpose behind their digital presence. As if we have lost the meaning of what these tokens stand for. As if these tokens are just meant to be a game of selling and buying whatever has the coolest name and / or backstory. But that is not where real value is found and that definitely is not where sustainable value is held.

Projects with purpose are ones that understand that they are a company doing real world things, that they have utility outside of their tokens, and that their tokens are not the backbone of their whole project. The mission is the backbone of the whole project and their success in their mission is what will create a high value and sustainable value for their crypto currencies.

Now that we have gotten the true meaning to having a crypto currency out of the way.

Let’s talk about a young CEO, Jake Seltzer, who is doing amazing things for the rural areas of the world, like India and Africa for example. This 26 year old entrepreneur started Finance Blocks with the mission to bring financial accessibility and knowledge to the unbanked. Approximately 25% of the world’s population are unbanked – meaning that they don’t have access to basic financial services, such as access to check on their own finances, check their credit, check their loans, check their transfers or history, and even access to savings. This leaves those unbanked individuals so vulnerable to, and so susceptible to corruption, and exploitation.

Corruption and exploitation of those under middle class is so common and in more rural areas, individuals can’t do anything about the corruption taking place as they don’t have the resources to do so. The sad part is some people may become too exploited that they take their own lives.

That is why Finance Blocks is so crucial to our rural areas. Finance Blocks has already got in partnership with Global Emerging Markets (GEM) with a 25 Million investment from the company to put towards Finance Blocks mission. Finance Blocks is a comapny and a platform that helps rural financial institutions (RFI’s) integrate a system where they can easily move from paper based procedures to online processes. The platform creates unique digital identities, computes credit scores, manages financial data, loans, savings accounts, and more on a single account. This can help banks with their calculations on how to handle each customer. Users are also able to track their spending, loans, savings, credit, and more all through the app that has been given and made accessible to the RFI.

Finance Blocks also understands that not everyone has access to technology to use this app. So they provide a host of products to people in these rural areas as well, such as phones and free internet.

Finance Blocks also provides charitable contributions for water and power to the areas in which they operate.

Be a part of something big, and trade FBX. https://financeblocks.io/

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