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Rolex Submariner Ref. 126619LB is Luxury & Utility


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“The Rolex Submariner needs no introduction, it arguably also the most recognizable sports watch in the world” — Paul Ebeling

The Submariner is a solid, reliable watch. The watch is ingeniously engineered and precisely built. It benefits from utility and versatility as much as being a status symbol.

Countless variations of the Submariner have come and gone over the decades and yet customer demand has never been greater.

Just a few months ago, another new iteration of the Submariner was introduced by Rolex. As always, the changes are subtle yet worth noting.

Apart from a new color combination, there’s also a change in size and an upgrade to the movement. the new Submariner look Super and technical updates are Key to ensuring longevity.

Here, we bring you the details and our thoughts on the new Rolex Submariner Ref. 126619LB in white gold with blue bezel, as follows:

The new Rolex Submariner features a minor increase in case size, from 40 mm to 41 mm. The new Ref. 126619LB is rendered fully in white gold, from case to bracelet, and it is heavy. The clasp is the trusty folding Oysterlock safety clasp with Glidelock extension system.

The most striking part of the watch is unapologetically the bezel. Compared to the standard black bezel, the blue bezel in the new Ref. 126619LB definitely stands out more. It is still made of the same, familiar stuff: scratch-resistant Cerachrom.

Driving the Rolex Submariner Ref. 126619LB is the manufacture Calibre 3235, a movement that is new to the Submariner but already used in other sports models. The Calibre 3235 is a new generation movement that is equipped with upgrades over its predecessor. 

The Rolex Submariner is so popular that it is hard not to mention it 1st and foremost when dive watches are discussed.

Apart from its incredible value retention in the market, its popularity is also due to its infallible design and construction, as well as praiseworthy technical specifications. The Ref. 126619LB in full white gold is not going to be as in-demand as its stainless steel because it is significantly costlier. The Ref. 126619LB is priced at a cool $39,650.

Have a happy, prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!

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