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Remote Learning: America’s Children are Getting Depressed, Fat and Sick

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Closed playgrounds, closed schools, remote learning, no gym class, canceled sports, less exercise, and more snacking are causing American children to gain weight and be at risk for diabetes and asthma“– Paul Ebeling

A lot of elementary school-aged kids who are gaining 20 to 30 lbs in a yr as a result of this VirusCasedemic chaotic yr.

The weight gains are worse for children already overweight and those elementary-school 6 to 12 anni, according the experts.

Kids in grammar school are getting depressed and they miss their friends. A lot of them are not doing as well academically. With depression also comes weight gain. They are bored, and comfort-eating.

Being in school is healthy for children, and then COVID happens and all that is taken away and they are locked up at home.

Research had already found children gain weight faster over Summer vacation than the school year, according to researchers at Arizona State University.

They hypothesize that when the children come back from this extended Summer that they will be heavier or they will have a higher likelihood of being overweight or obese and be diabetic.

Have a healthy holiday weekend, Keep the Faith!

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