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President Trump Did Not Incite the Riot at the Capitol Building

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Now, when we look at President Trump’s continuing popularity across the nation in spite of the false allegations about him inciting violence at the Capitol on 6 January Americans can see him return for a very, very powerful Presidency“– Paul Ebeling

We will see Donald Trump becoming even more popular. As we look carefully at what he did in his 4 yrs compared to what we are seeing already in this administration, The People are ‘firing up‘ for the mid-terms and Donald Trump has agreed to use his good offices to help the GOP regain the Senate, House and Oval Office.

All reasonable people not poisoned by fear and hatred of all things President Trump know that he did not incite the riot at the 6 January Capitol Building riot and that the violence was not an act of insurrection.

President Trump did not tell the Save the Steal marchers in Washington, DC “Go assault the Capitol!

And Hang On, if it was an insurrection, then the rioters who got inside the building would have done much worse than stick their feet up on Speaker Pelosi’s (D-CA) desk or take selfies in Vice President Pence’s Senate chair.

What I have learned so far is that the investigators looking into the event are finding more and more evidence that the attack was actually preplanned well in advance, which destroys the Democrat and Rhino Republican narrative that President Trump was responsible via incitement and it also makes the Democrat-led impeachment of Donald Trump, a private citizen, look spiteful, political, and unintelligent in the extreme.

The incitement case against Donald Trump was dealt a severe blow this week when federal prosecutors charged 3 men in the Capitol attack, alleging their communication and coordination dated back to November 2020.

Nothing in President Trump’s speech would have a reasonable person to believe that he was inciting violence. He used the words peaceful and respectful.

For speech to meet the threshold of incitement, a speaker must, first, indicate a desire for violence and, second, demonstrate a capability or reasonable indication of capability to carry out the violence”, says Kevin Brock, former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI.

Donald Trump was caught by surprise by what happened at the Capitol, and that was due to a failure of the intelligence that he should have been provided to as President of the United States. The FBI and CIA knew what was brewing outside the Beltway.

Failure should be put at the doorstep of Congress itself plus the Mayor of Washington, D.C. They, purposely, in my opinion, did not take any preplanned precautions or preparation for such a massive march which is and should always be standard operating procedure when such a massive march is to occur, as was the case in the BLM March and many others.

Remember, the Capitol Police along with the local police report to them, not the President. 

Plus, only they can call in the National Guard Guard, not the President of the United States, as we have seen numerous times before for he does not have the legal authority to do so. Where were the constructed barricades that are typically built in advance of any major demonstration. The plain and simple –  Ask yourself: Was any of this done, NO ! Why? 

Perhaps, Congress itself and the Mayor should be put on Trial, and not the President ! So, do not be so quick to rush to Judgement,” says LTN editorial political contributor Bruce WD Barren. 

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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