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Pandemic, Vaccine, Herd Immunity, these definitions have all been changed to suit the ‘VirusCasedemic’ happening


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Pay attention, read, learn how to protect your health, do not get stuck in the Ozone” — Paul Ebeling

In recent months and yrs, the long-held definitions of 4 words all changed, with immense ramifications for public health policy in the midst of what is called COVID-19.

WHO’s original definition of a pandemic from 1 May 2009, specified simultaneous epidemics worldwide “with enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses”; this definition was changed in the month leading up to the Y 2009 swine flu ‘pandemic’, removing the severity and high mortality rate criteria

COVID-19 vaccines are not vaccines, they are gene therapies and did not meet the definition of vaccine, until Merriam-Webster’s vaccine definition was recently, conveniently, changed to include a description of the experimental gene therapies

From June 2020 to November 2020, WHO changed their definition of Herd Immunity to imply that it is a concept that only applies to vaccination, not naturally acquired immunity gained from prior infection.

The implication for society is that by putting out this false information, they are attempting to change peoples’ perception of what is true and not true, perverting science by definition in the process. Thus, putting people in the Qzone!

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) recently posted more than 50 video presentations from the pay-for-view Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination held online 16 – 18 October 2020, and made them available to everyone for Free.

The conference’s theme was “Protecting Health and Autonomy in the 21st Century” and it featured physicians, scientists and other health professionals, human rights activists, faith community leaders, constitutional and civil rights attorneys, authors and parents of vaccine injured children talking about vaccine science, policy, law and ethics and infectious diseases, including coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccines.

In December 2020, a US company published false and misleading information about NVIC and its conference, which prompted NVIC to open up the whole conference for Free viewing. The conference has everything you need to educate yourself and protect your personal freedoms and liberties with respect to your health.

Do not miss out on this opportunity. I urge you to watch these video presentations before they’ are taken down by the technocratic elite, watch now.

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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