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Our Target on Coinbase




Coinbase Global Inc. (NASDAQ:COIN) provides financial infrastructure and technology for the cryptocurrency economy.

The company provides a primary financial account for the cryptocurrency economy, a platform to invest, store, spend, earn and use crypto assets. It provides an online marketplace for hedge funds, money managers and corporations, as well as a platform with technology and services to developers, merchants and asset issuers that enables them to build applications that leverage cryptocurrency protocols. It serves retail users, institutions and ecosystem partners.

The new Goldman Sachs price target is 337, up from 298. The consensus is higher at 370.67. Coinbase Global stock is currently trading at 258.34, or + 2.63 on the day.

Our technical indicators are all Very Bullish, and the Homing Pigeon candle indiates the selling is over, Hence, I have raised our 1yr target to 450/share.

Like Goldie, we really like this company.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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