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NY CityCoins Will Help Develop Crypto Culture


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New York City’s Eric Adams has declared his dedication to building a crypto hub, he has immediately become a darling of Wall Streets digital assets community”— Paul Ebeling

Mayor Adam’s public position has quickly affirmed his position as the East Coast’s Cynthia Lummis. Miami has already brought in millions of new city revenue based on the success of MiamiCoin. On paper, it is a super move for the newly elected mayor of a major tech-centric city, giving new meaning to I Love New York!

There is no question that developing and implementing a CityCoin can help build a crypto culture. It can also provide economic benefits and stimulation. It makes the news and creates a buzz.

The new Mayor is a visionary who understand the long-term potential of blockchain technologies.

He is a leader utilizing the natural advantages available to him. CityCoins are built upon the ability of the city to come together and support an initiative. It is a quality, which ties the city together.

Editor’s Note: It gives the world a current meaning of the ‘I Love New York’ advertisements of the early 2000s.

New York and Miami both have that certain pride in their respective cities. It makes sense that they would be interested in utilizing that to build a culture around an industry that they believe in.

Have a heathy, Happy New Year weekend, Keep the Faith!

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