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Mr. Biden’s Plan: ‘American Families’ on Welfare

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A Key feature of the $1.8-T Progressive Socialists wish list is expanding welfare without asking people to work or even prepare to work” — Paul Ebeling

Despite Mr. Biden’s claims, the message of the Democrats to American’s is clear: Do not worry about a job, stay home, we are sending out checks.

Mr. Biden and his gang want to permanently extend COVID’s federal-unemployment-insurance bonuses. Because of COVID lockdowns, there is a federal bonus of $300 a week on Top of state-unemployment-insurance checks. That may have made sense when most states closed down in the face of the VirusCasedemic. But now it is paying many people not to work.

The Biden plan’s federal bonus makes unemployment insurance pay more than work and makes it almost impossible for employers to compete for workers as struggling businesses get set to reopen.

Even worse, studies show that long-term unemployment makes it harder for those employees to ever return to work. And the plan permanently changes the ‘Child Tax Credit’ into a ‘Child Allowance,’ sending families $300 per wk per child at a cost of $70-B a yr. Thus, trapping families in poverty, when what they really need is a chance to work and prosper not smoke dope and slack.

The Biden “American Families Plan” is to be funded in part by $1.5-T of tax hikes on the wealthiest Americans.

“Mr. Biden, the businessman – what a joke, should ask himself two primary questions: where is the incentive to go back to work and the family inducement not to have more children. The latter only overburdens our social welfare system? My response to our President, stop jeopardizing our next generation’s future, or do you really care? You made your money, especially since you left the Obama  Administration! What about the average American today? Perhaps, you should go study what pork-barrel legislation really does – nothing.

Mr. President, do you really want to help solve our country’s fiscal problems or are you just trying a  way to appease your Party in getting more votes? Do you really think that the American people are that fickle in not wanting to build a future for our children. Perhaps, you should understand our history better for what  you are allowing to happen will only add to our inflationary pressures, already running at 5%+ per year when you are food, medical and energy costs plus current real estate price increases.. 

Take off those sunglasses of yours and see what you are really doing – jeopardizing America’s future.  Or, do you really care if you lead our country into a worthless economic environment. 

If I, as a businessman, would be doing what you are doing, I would be out of business – letting my competitors take advantage of my scraps! Is that is what you want for our children’s future?” says LTN economist Bruce WD Barren.

Call your Congressperson and say “No to Joe!”

Let’s work to make America great again!

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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