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Mr. Biden has Become America’s Worst President in 5 Months


“In less than 5 months, Biden has brought this country to the brink” — Doug Weed: a New York Times best-selling author, philanthropist, and adviser to two presidents, including being special assistant to President George HW Bush.

After yrs of cowering under President Trump (45), terrorism is back and proud. Peace in the Middle East, 1 of President Trump’s most spectacular achievements has been shattered.

Mr. Biden unfroze billions of USDs of sanctioned money for Iran and Topped it off with a quick $135-M love gift. Within days Hamas rockets were raining down on Israel and Jews were being attacked on the streets of American cities, and 4 yrs of peace under President Trump were in the scrapbook.

For some anti-Semites in Biden’s Democratic Party the death rate in Israel was not good enough.

A writer, working for CNN, Tweeted, “the world today needs a Hitler.” After pressure, CNN ended their 7-year relationship with the writer. Twitter, which banned President Trump, and censors this writer, has allowed 17,000 pro Hitler tweets.

Mr. Biden crippled American energy independence with the stroke of his pen, ending the Keystone pipeline and roughly 11,000 jobs; 6 presidents had desperately sought energy independence before President Trump succeeded.

Allegedly Russian hackers were allowed to shut down the Colonial Oil pipeline which supplied Nat Gas to the east coast of America. Mr. Biden rewarded Russia afterward by lifting sanctions against their own Nat Gas pipeline to Germany.

Mr. Biden followers, buoyed by an adoring media were philosophical. “Who needs jobs anyway?” they crowed.

See? Communism works. Or, at least, the American corporate version of communism works.

Small businesses could not find workers to hire. They were being paid by the government to do nothing. Thus keeping the big multinational corporate monopolies fat.

The teacher’s union demanded more money for its members, even while insisting that all schools remain closed.

When gasoline shortages caused cars to line up at stations across the East coast for the 1st time since Jimmy Carter, the Biden White House cheered. People should buy electric cars anyway, they said. It is better for the environment.

As it turns out, the gasoline shortages caused prices of everything else to climb. Once again, in a Jimmy Carter redux, America began to experience inflation. 4.2% for the month of April, 2021. Mr. Biden’s hollow promise; only the rich would be taxed. Bunk, it is the poor and the senior citizens who are crushed by inflation.

Our border with Mexico was turned into a drama of child trafficking and children as young as 4 yrs old, left without water in the desert. People who had feigned concern for illegal immigrants in cages now ignored the plight of thousands. US border agents announced they had confiscated 3 yrs of illegal drugs in just 1 month.

Mr. Biden has blamed it all on President Trump, even though Mr. Biden, himself, had invited the problem by stopping the building of The Wall, announcing his open border policy and ending the carefully negotiated remain in Mexico agreement. Thousands of illegals showed up at the border wearing “Biden” Ts.

A man who pretentiously uses a mask when doing Zoom conference calls and keep children from going to school allows illegal immigrants with COVID into the country unhindered. They have been put on planes and buses and sent to places across America. It is part of the price to bring in more votes for the Democratic Party.

Mr. Biden was asked recently about his Republican opponent in Y 2024. “I don’t know if there will be a Republican Party,” he answered.

It was an ominous ‘prediction‘. The FBI was ordered to conduct an early morning raid on the attorneys of political opponent. The IRS has been beefed up with a huge budget. They will likely be turned loose on political enemies as they had operated under Mr. Hussein Obama.

Some of the great legacies of the Trump presidency remain conspicuously unchallenged. Do not expect Mr. Biden to interfere with the remake of the Veteran’s Administration, as he will use Big Tech search engines to give himself the credit for it revamp

Mr. Biden will keep the exquisitely crafted USMCA. The new NATO is another Trump achievement that is too good to mess with.

Also, do not expect Mr. Biden to have a Rose Garden ceremony where he passes out billion-dollar checks to the donor nations who Trump had finally succeeded in getting to pay their fair share.

Watching Mr. Biden’s presidency crumble around him bring no pleasure to President Trump.

Mr. Weed said, “I was able to see him earlier in the month at Mar-a-Lago. When the subject of Biden’s problems came up Trump said softly, “All he had to do was nothing.””

And, “Americans should forget about stories from a one-sided Press and acquaint themselves with the facts, not hearsay. Then, the true story is there and thus, one can make their own judgment for then I have a true basis to do so. Forget Media sensationalism which is done only to promote readership, advertising revenues and avenues to gain competitive advantage against other Media outlets“, says Bruce WD Barren, PhD, contributing LTN media analyst.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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