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Men’s Fashion: Create a Solid Foundation

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To create a solid style foundation, you must know the basics, then you add your personal touches and let your creativity flow to develop your sartorial flair” — Paul Ebeling

There are unspoken rules in life, 1 of them is we have to be able to properly dress ourselves. And I mean dressing well and dressing stylishly. As we are social creatures, and need to fit the part and develop our style.

The most important thing is to build your “fashion foundation“. Fashion is meant to be experimented with, but once you have a foundation for your style, you will be able to work around it.

So, here are a few tips for you to become a more stylish man, as follows:

1st get a good suit, a fine watch and a proper haircut

Not everyone has the same lifestyle, and your personal style foundation is built on lifestyle. Banker with traditional suits and silk ties will have different styles as compared to the agency lad that can easily rock a pair of jeans and button-up shirts to work.

Moreover, some men might like a hipster or jock style, whereas others are surrounded by people in motor or goth clothing. You just need to determine which type you are, and you can create your own style from that point on. Your hairstyle also defines who you are.

A stylish man wears clothes that are color coordinated. But, too much color can be an eyesore, that is something you want to avoid when creating your style for the day.

You can tell a lot about a person by getting a whiff of their perfume. Therefore, to create a solid foundation, cologne is something you need to add. readyviewed Different types of perfumes tell a different story, so before making your choice , you first need to consult a guide to fragrances. Different times, places, and personalities will require you to wear a different cologne, so make your choice wisely.

Style can be applied to everyone. So, you need to create your style foundation by using your body type as a starting point. Choose clothing that compliments your body type and makes you look well-proportioned.

You may have the best-looking clothing, but if your shoes do not look the part, then all the styling you have done was for nothing. Shoes may be in the lower part of your outfit, but they are 1 of the 1st things that people look at. Some may even say that the shoes are a mirror of the people themselves. This is why, if you wish to create a solid style foundation, then you will need to invest in high-quality shoes. Go for the classic type that will never go out of style, as you can easily match those with some tasteful clothing and classy accessories.

Accessories are a Key part of your style but it is very easy for you to over-accessorize, so do not!

In the end, style is something that defines every person differently, so you need to create the one that represents you the most.

Have a prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!

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