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Make NFT Goes Beyond Just As Collectables

Many of people know NFT as collectable. Mostly used as an Art Wall just your own display, But what if we you have NFT try on something uniquely better. Then this would an opportunity to showcases the NFT, What does to your life. Here we will giving you an example on each case scenario for NFT implementations on other things.

Use as your avatar:

Anything such as personal icon to characters, For instances, you bought an frog profile pics. then you can put into Binance Profile Icon this make you look cool than ever-before seen. Unsurprisingly, as NFT. It won’t be replace or going to wear down very soon.

Use for Virtual Pet:

ยอดขายเกม Axie Infinity (AXS) ลดลง 816 ล้านดอลลาร์ในเดือนมีนาคม - CryptoSiam

In case of the most popular NFT games “Axie Infinity”, you can adopt those little axies, raise them to grow, train and fight harder to become the most valuable pet in the field. Many of them are familiar having an pet, but this would make a ton of cash after you sell it to someone who had more crypto-asset.

Use for IP Production:

In Hong Kong, as we previously posted this news involving inaugural movie remake hybrid DOTs, and expending to new kind of entertainments like what Marvion is doing right now. They gave the opportunity for IP licensing for other media like games.

And last one, is making your NFT become star!

With recently Seth Green heading back on production after got scammed over his “Bored Ape”, Now to put on perspectives, I don’t hate NFT. But I saw the potential as your digital ownership can archived by try something downright impossible like this. In the future, You may see those NFT character become superstar once you make them look less blend and more personality.

So, If you still have an NFT, then why not you try to take the advantage other thing, instead just for art wall then?

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