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In the realm of global thoroughbred sales, few have witnessed a meteoric rise as impressive as Magic Millions in Australia. From its humble beginnings, this auction has rapidly ascended to become one of the world’s leading sales platforms for premium horses. The journey of Magic Millions not only reflects the burgeoning strength of Australia’s thoroughbred racing and breeding industry but also underscores its global prominence.

Australia’s Rich Equestrian Legacy

Australia’s love affair with horse racing and breeding dates back centuries, intertwined with the nation’s rich cultural fabric and heritage. The country’s temperate climate and vast landscapes provide an ideal breeding ground, making it conducive for nurturing top-tier equine talent. Over the years, Australia has consistently produced champion racehorses that have left an indelible mark on the international stage.

According to data from AusHorse, Australia’s national body representing the thoroughbred breeding industry, the country boasts a robust breeding sector. Each year, thousands of foals are registered, with an increasing number meeting the stringent criteria for international sales. This consistent production of quality thoroughbreds has cemented Australia’s reputation as a powerhouse in the global racing and breeding landscape.

The Rise of Magic Millions

Magic Millions, in particular, has been instrumental in elevating Australia’s status in the global horse sales arena. Established with a vision to revolutionize the sales experience, Magic Millions has consistently set benchmarks, offering a curated selection of elite horses for discerning buyers worldwide.

Over the years, the auction has witnessed skyrocketing sales figures, reflecting the confidence and trust placed in Australia’s breeding capabilities. The allure of Magic Millions extends beyond its sales; it represents a culmination of meticulous breeding practices, expert horsemanship, and a commitment to excellence.

Global Impact and Recognition

Today, Magic Millions attracts a global clientele, including leading breeders, trainers, and enthusiasts from around the world. Its success has not only bolstered Australia’s reputation but has also contributed significantly to the global thoroughbred industry. The auction serves as a barometer for gauging market trends, with sales often setting records and capturing headlines globally.

Furthermore, the proceeds from these sales inject substantial funds back into Australia’s racing and breeding ecosystem, fueling further growth and innovation. The ripple effect of Magic Millions is palpable, influencing breeding decisions, racing calendars, and international collaborations.

The journey of Magic Millions underscores Australia’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the thoroughbred industry. Through meticulous breeding practices, strategic investments, and a passion for the sport, Australia has carved a niche for itself on the global stage. As Magic Millions continues to evolve and set new benchmarks, it serves as a testament to Australia’s enduring legacy and its pivotal role in shaping the future of horse racing and breeding worldwide.

(Day 1-4 2023 in brackets)

Lots Catalogued: 930 (890)
Lots Sold: 727 (699)
Lots Passed In: 122 (94)
Lots Withdrawn: 81 (96)
Top Price: $2,100,000 ($2,700,000)
Sale Gross: $205,230,500 ($207,784,000)
Average Price: $282,298 ($297,259)
Median Price: $210,000 ($220,000)
Sold %: 86 (88)


$1,700,000 – I am Invincible-Madam Rouge filly (Lot 900)
Vendor: Widden Stud (As Agent) / Buyer: Jes Sikura/Hill ‘n’ Dale Farm/Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott/William Johnson B’stock/Kestrel T’breds (NSW)

$1,400,000 – Snitzel-In Times of War filly (Lot 786)
Baramul Stud / TFI/Moody Racing (VIC)

$1,300,000 – Justify-Invincible Star colt (Lot 795)
Coolmore Stud (As Agent for Morning Rise Stud) / Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott/Kestrel T’breds (NSW)

$1,300,000 – Zoustar-Lady Cosmology colt (Lot 838)
Segenhoe Stud (As Agent) / James Harron B’stock Colt Partnership (NSW)

$1,200,000 – Farnan-I Am Excited colt (Lot 768)
Bell River T’breds / Waterhouse & Bott/Kia Ora/Farnan P’ship (NSW)

(ranked by total spend) 

$8,370,000 – Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Boss/Kestrel T’breds – 22 lots
$6,965,000 – DC Ellis CNZM – 10 lots
$6,870,000 – Ciaron Maher B’stock – 20 lots
$6,185,000 – James Harron B’stock Colt Partnership – 7 lots
$6,120,000 – China Horse Club/Newgate/Go B’stock/Trilogy – 11 lots

(ranked by average – 3 or more sold)

$825,000 – Frankel – 4 sold
$709,500 – Extreme Choice – 10 sold
$674,138 – I Am Invincible – 29 sold
$544,667 – Snitzel – 30 sold
$500,714 – Justify – 7 sold

(ranked by gross)

$16,075,000 – Segenhoe Stud – 28 sold
$15,515,000 – Newgate Farm – 44 sold
$12,650,000 – Coolmore Stud – 38 sold
$12,110,000 – Widden Stud – 31 sold
$12,015,000 – Yarraman Park Stud – 31 sold

(ranked by average – 3 or more sold)

$578,333 – Grenville Stud – 3 sold
$576,667 – Milburn Creek – 9 sold
$574,107 – Segenhoe Stud – 28 sold
$446,667 – Rosemont Stud – 6 sold
$414,444 – Baramul Stud – 18 sold

Australia’s Pioneering Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding Farms

Australia’s illustrious history in the world of thoroughbred racing and breeding can be largely attributed to its premier farms, which have become synonymous with excellence, dedication, and innovation. These establishments, with their rich heritage and forward-thinking approaches, have played an instrumental role in shaping the nation’s racing landscape and global reputation. Here’s a glimpse into some of Australia’s leading thoroughbred racing and breeding farms that have etched their mark on the industry.

Coolmore Australia

Nestled in the picturesque Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Coolmore Australia stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of thoroughbred breeding. Part of the esteemed Coolmore Stud global operation, the Australian arm has consistently produced champions that have dominated racetracks worldwide. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of seasoned experts, Coolmore continues to push boundaries, setting industry standards and nurturing future racing stars.

Arrowfield Stud

Located in the fertile valleys of the Hunter region, Arrowfield Stud is another titan in Australia’s breeding landscape. Founded with a vision to produce world-class thoroughbreds, Arrowfield’s legacy is intertwined with numerous Group 1 victories and accolades. The farm’s commitment to meticulous breeding practices, coupled with its expansive portfolio of elite stallions, makes it a powerhouse in the industry. Arrowfield’s influence extends globally, with its progeny consistently commanding attention on international platforms.

Godolphin Woodlands

Godolphin, a name synonymous with racing royalty globally, has its Australian base at Woodlands in New South Wales. With a storied history dating back decades, Godolphin Woodlands has been the birthplace of numerous champions, boasting an impressive roster of stallions and broodmares. The farm’s holistic approach to breeding, focusing on pedigree analysis, genetic diversity, and optimal care, has resulted in a lineage of champions that have graced racetracks around the world.

Kia Ora Stud

Situated in the renowned thoroughbred region of the Hunter Valley, Kia Ora Stud has carved a niche for itself as a leading destination for discerning breeders and owners. With a legacy spanning over a century, the stud’s commitment to preserving and enhancing bloodlines has resulted in a string of high-profile victories and accolades. Kia Ora’s dedication to nurturing talent from foal to finish has cemented its reputation as a cornerstone of Australia’s breeding landscape.

Australia’s leading thoroughbred racing and breeding farms, with their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and legacy, continue to shape the global racing landscape. Through meticulous breeding practices, strategic investments, and a passion for the sport, these establishments have propelled Australia to the forefront of the thoroughbred industry. As they continue to nurture champions and push boundaries, their contributions remain pivotal in ensuring Australia’s enduring legacy in the world of horse racing and breeding.

Danehill Lineage

Arguably one of the most influential sire lines globally, Danehill’s legacy resonates deeply within Australia’s racing and breeding spheres. Known for his exceptional speed and precocious talent, Danehill sired a plethora of champions, including multiple Group 1 winners. His genetic influence extends to some of Australia’s contemporary champions, with his progeny and descendants continuing to dominate racetracks and breeding barns alike.

Redoute’s Choice Descendants

Another stalwart in Australia’s breeding landscape, Redoute’s Choice, has left an enduring legacy characterized by speed, stamina, and unparalleled success. A descendant of the illustrious Danehill, Redoute’s Choice’s progeny have consistently showcased their mettle on the racetrack, securing coveted titles and accolades. His influence permeates contemporary pedigrees, with his descendants continuing to make waves in both local and international racing circuits.

Snitzel Lineage

A scion of the formidable Redoute’s Choice, Snitzel has emerged as a potent force within Australia’s breeding realm. Renowned for his explosive speed and impeccable conformation, Snitzel’s progeny have dazzled on racetracks, demonstrating their prowess across various distances and racing formats. His lineage, characterized by its precocity and tenacity, continues to shape Australia’s racing landscape, with his descendants perpetuating his legacy of excellence.

Fastnet Rock Heritage

Fastnet Rock, with his impeccable pedigree and racing credentials, has etched his mark as a pivotal figure within Australia’s breeding landscape. Known for his electrifying turn of foot and innate ability to sire champions, Fastnet Rock’s influence resonates across generations. His descendants, characterized by their speed, agility, and determination, continue to uphold his legacy, dominating racetracks and breeding barns alike.

Australia’s leading thoroughbred racing breeding bloodlines, characterized by their genetic excellence, speed, and tenacity, have forged the nation’s illustrious equestrian legacy. Through meticulous breeding practices, strategic matings, and a deep-rooted passion for the sport, these bloodlines have consistently produced champions that have captivated audiences globally. As they continue to shape the future of Australian racing and breeding, their enduring influence ensures that the nation’s equestrian heritage remains unparalleled in its excellence and innovation.

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