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Luxury: Ibiza 85 Turns Heads, Hits the Water Like a Bullet at 55 MPH


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“Nothing on the price yet, but it will reflect the dazzle of its ride” –Paul Ebeling

The Flagship of Austin Parker Yachts just hit the water, turning heads with its sleek silhouette and bold capabilities. Inside, it reveals the amenities of a typical luxury yacht with Italian DNA. Built for thrilling rides, Ibiza 85 combines the best of sport yachts with the desirable comfort of larger superyachts.

In collaboration with the acclaimed Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design studio, Austin Parker built a fully custom boat with an innovative layout. Announced last yr, this is the 1st Ibiza 85 model to hit the water.

Safety is an important aspect, considering the force of this elegant sport yacht. Equipped with two MAN engines of the latest generation and of 2,000 HP each, the Ibiza 85 can cut through the waves at 40 knots (46 mph/74 kph).

But that’s not its limit.

A thrill-seeking owner has the option of going for 3 of these powerful engines, which would turn the yacht that can hit 48 knots (55 mph/88.8 kph). In addition to that, it is equipped with a premium stabilizer, and advanced electronics.

The price of this fully custom yacht with Italian DNA wasn’t disclosed, but considering its high-class design and impressive performance, it was most likely just as exciting as its 1st ride.

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