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Join The Bit.Store Celebration Party In “Web 3.0 Night”

Joining MAP Protocol & KuCoin Community Chain at Consensus 2022 in Austin Texas

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Bit.Store Web3.0 social-fi pioneer finally achieve a celebratory milestone set on mission to democratize investment and gathering members of its virtual community at a live in-person event at at the OMNI Hotel in Austin, Texas, June 9-12. During Consensus 2022. Labelled as “a showcase and celebration of all that crypto has to offer,” thousands of the world’s brightest minds and impactful voices in crypto are expected to gather.

At the evening event hosted by MAP Protocol & KuCoin Community Chain, Bit.Store joins a sponsors lineup of leading crypto innovators including Alchemy Pay, Nest, BeFi Wallet, Colab, BarterSwap, and Idavoll DAO.

Bit.Store is proud to lead in developing ways that DAO members can interact on its platform.

From its inception, Bit.Store focused on building a community when it entered a market entirely dominated by platforms that kept their users isolated from one another. The obvious question at the time was, “what if all these users had the opportunity to collaborate?” If millions of users could signal their sentiments and decisions, a public aggregate of that would be an extremely powerful tool for small investors. Using Bit.Store’s native token, STORE, members can both invest in and cast votes on investment opportunities that are both proposed and decided algorithmically in aggregate through smart contracts.

But for the first time in Austin, Texas, Bit.Store is excited to sponsor an event that offers its members a chance to meet in-person.

“Web 3.0 Night” will be held at the OMNI Hotel’s Atrium Room from 6pm to 10pm at 700 San Jacinto and 8th Street.

About Bit.store

Bit.Store is the world’s first Web3 investment platform that offers cryptocurrency trading, SocialFi features and integrated fiat-cryptocurrency on-ramp/ off-ramp capabilities.

The platform allow users access to global digital currency markets more easily by supporting different money transfer methods via cooperations with a wide network of regional payment providers. The app provides a variety of features, including social trading, following, and copy trading strategies published by seasoned experts in the space, and allows experts to monetize their contribution to the platform. Bit.Store has been growing at a fast pace since its market introduction and achieved the milestone of 500K active users across Europe and Southeast Asia in Dec 2021. The rapid expansion into markets worldwide and growth of the Bit.Store community is continuing in 2022.

Link to official sites, right here! also Twitter and Telegram.

Download Bit.Store App and Swap at: https://swap.bit.store/

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