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Coreto.io And NEAR Formed Trustworthy Ecosystem For Crypto Space

Coreto and NEAR Protocol announce blockchain partnership to revolutionize the way crypto projects are analyzed and researched

Coreto and NEAR Protocol aim to revolutionize the way crypto projects are analyzed and researched which can be embraced by the communities.

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Coreto has officially announced that it has received an initial grant from the NEAR Foundation to support the development of its proprietary blockchain-based technology. With this grant, progress toward NEAR’s goal of helping communities explore verified projects and confidently identify trusted peer-influencers has accelerated. Market analysts will be able to enjoy a new way to showcase their expertise and monetize their knowledge with Coreto’s unique gamification and reputation-building tools.

NEAR Protocol empowers millions to invent and explore new Web 3.0 experiences through their blockchain protocol, pushing crypto adoption. Through the announced grant-based investment in the Coreto technology development, the two projects look to seamlessly integrate Coreto’s blockchain-based identity validation and reputation tracking tools within the growing NEAR ecosystem, to fuel a healthy crypto adoption.Coreto – the first layer of trust in the crypto space

The project aims to become the Google for the crypto space and level up the online industry with its decentralized reputation system’s unique features.

– Projects to develop awareness and community growth campaigns, and also use the decentralized reputation system that will diminish the fake hype within the industry
– Traders, content creators, and crypto influencers who’ll be pleased to join the platform and take advantage of the gamification systems that will reward them in unique ways, while providing them new ways to monetize their knowledge.
– For crypto enthusiasts, the platform will be the Holy Grail in terms of research and information about projects and which people to follow, but also entertaining due to the gamification system.

“We are glad to share the same vision with NEAR Protocol which is to build with the end-user at heart, helping Web3 adoption and lowering the barrier of entry for more crypto users. The grant offered is a step forward towards achieving our ultimate goal of changing the way crypto communities interact, analyze, and capitalize on their resources. As the platform evolves, we’ll decentralize even more of our features. Thanks to them, the use of off-chain data in smart contracts will also be possible.” Vlad Faraon, co-founder & CBO of Coreto

To learn more about Coreto.io at this link.


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