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Is Enzolytics Inc. (OTC:ENZC) Drowning in Dilution

Enzolytics Inc. (OTC:ENZC) is starting to look like the next Spongetech

As of December31, 2020,the number of shares outstanding of our Common Stock was: 2,797,935,953

As of September30,2020, the number of shares outstanding of our Common Stock was: 2,438,670,097

As of December 31, 2019, the number of shares outstanding of our Common Stock was: 1,066,020,359

Think that’s bad, well it gets worse

Sooooo many different types of preferred held by a handful of people.

That 1 Billion shares issued generated $3m that’s about 3c a share, not bad business if you are buying that considering the stock hit almost $1.

3% conversions, no wonder the stock couldn’t hold its value.

And the Toxic debt festival continues, actually there is so much toxic debt it looks like the full-time job of most of the companies employees just to manage the mess.

Conversion prices appear to be 50% discount to bid and or .0001.

Can’t wait to see the next report, we will do some digging on where this debt is going to and who is converting.

OTC Disclosure & News Service

Coronavirus Targeted Epitopes Claimed in Enzolytics’ Pending Patent Applications are Verified as Fully Conserved in the UK, Brazil and South African Variants of the Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2)

Press Release | 04/05/2021Enzolytics Announces the Filing of Updated NIH Grant Applications Incorporating Newly Identified Conserved Epitopes on Both the HIV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 Viruses; Other Corporate Updates

Press Release | 03/22/2021Enzolytics Finalizes Documentation with International Medical Partners, Ltd for Clinical Trials and Initial Production of ITV-1 Company Also Provides Update on Year End Reporting

Press Release | 03/16/2021Enzolytics Announces the Discovery and Patenting of 8 Newly Identified Conserved Target Sites on the HIV-1 Virus

Press Release | 03/08/2021Enzolytics Announces the Discovery and Patenting of Eleven Newly Identified Conserved Target Sites on the SARS-CoV-2 Virus (Coronavirus)

Press Release | 02/22/2021Enzolytics Updates Permitting Progress in Europe on Its Planned Clinical Trials of Its Patented ITV-1 Anti-HIV and Other Developments

Press Release | 02/22/2021Enzolytics Inc. Reports Test Results of its Patented ITV-1 Conducted at the National Centre of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases

Press Release | 02/16/2021Enzolytics Announces The Discovery Of Seven Newly Identified Conserved Target Sites On The HIV Virus

Press Release | 02/01/2021Enzolytics, Inc. Receives Official Filing Receipt for Multiple Sclerosis Patent Application

Press Release | 01/19/2021Enzolytics, Inc. Engages PCAOB Auditor for December 31, 2020 Year End Audit

Business Description Enzolytics, Inc. (the “Company” or “ENZC”) is a drug development company committed to the commercialization of its proprietary proteins for the treatment of debilitating infectious diseases. The Company is committed to creating drugs for the better health of mankind. ENZC’s flagship compound ITV-1 is a suspension of Inactivated Pepsin Fragment (IPF), which studies have shown is effective in the treatment of HIV. IPF is the active drug substance of ITV-1 and is a purified extract of porcine pepsin. ITV-1 has been shown to modulate the immune system. IPF is a platform technology that can be used to facilitate a broad range of applications. It is free from major neurological, gastrointestinal and hematological side effects seen in the anti-retrovirals in use today. IPF has not shown to be subject to viral resistance and is cost effective.

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