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If the Lion is Your Animal Spirit…

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“The Lion is Tops for being the most relentless fighter in the face of life challenges”— Paul Ebeling

The Lion spirit animal represents courage, strength in overcoming difficulties. The presence of this power animal could also mean that something wild or difficult to control is happening. As such, Lions symbolizes emotions that are difficult to manage, such a anger or fear.

The Lion as a spirit animal symbolizes the following:

  • Strength, assertiveness, personal power
  • A common meaning for the Lion spirit animal is predatory feelings, such as anger, aggression directed at someone else or towards you
  • Personal struggle to deal with these feelings
  • Lion spirit animals warn about a threatening situation or event in life

The Lion spirit animal is generally associated with a representation of  personal strength. If the lion appears powerful to you, its presence as a spirit guide can be interpreted as a positive representation of your self-confidence or personal power. As such, lions point to qualities of strength, courage, assertiveness.

Lions are animals who dominate other animals in nature. Remember as an example the expression “the Lion, King of the Jungle”.

When a Lion appears as your power animal, it could reflect your ability to lead others or tendency to dominate relationships at home and/or at work.

Have a happy, prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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