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Healthy Homemade Pizza Recipe


Healthy Homemade Pizza with Coach Bee

Remember What Coach Bee Says:

How much protein do I need to eat in a day?

The amount of protein a person needs depends on their activity level and goals, however, there is a rule-of-thumb to follow. It is recommended your protein intake should be 1g of protein x your body weight in kilograms and adjust accordingly depending on how your body is responding to that protein level.

For example: I am 53 kg x 1g protein = about 53 g of protein

This is what I eat in a day, protein edition:

+ 112 grams of chicken breast no skin = 25 g of protein

+4 eggs with yolk = 24 g of protein

+ 100 grams of tofu = 7g of protein

+ 200 grams of cooked brown rice = 4.6g of protein

when I am preparing for a bikini competition. I want to bulk and eat more protein and keep my calories low, I would have to ensure that I consume most of my calories from protein and increase my protein to 2g x 53 kg = 124 grams of protein a day. I enjoy a high protein diet. It works for my body. Do what work for you, do not follow trends.  My suggestion is to track how much protein you eat in a day and adjust accordingly. What your lifestyle and body needs is different from the person sitting next to you.

For beginners, 1 gram of protein per body weight is a good metrics to start from.

Animal-based protein versus plant-based protein.

Food is a personal decision and is rooted in soooo many other aspects of our life that we don’t think of, like culture, habits, parents, upbringing, nostalgia, comfort, memories etc. Not something I can just change for you overnight. When it comes to the source of food, it can be quite sensitive to talk about. To be fair, one source of protein is not better than another source of protein. You got to do what is good for your body and what you enjoy eating. I won’t ask you to chow down 500 grams of chicken down your throat just because I want you to hit your protein goal. You will hate me, throw the chicken in my face and binge on pizza your next meal. The same thing with eating tons of tofu, black beans, legumes etc. my jaw will literally get tired of chewing.

For ethical reasons, we can all benefit from eating less meat. I have cut down on consuming red meat, fish, and pork when I am at home (Sorry chickens…no offense. I like your wings). However, if I am at an event or with a friend, I eat whatever is already on the table (unless I’m on prep for a show, and then I might bring my own food, because goals).

When I am not preparing for a bikini show, my diet becomes more exciting, and I get to throw in a variety of food. Some days I eat tofu instead of chicken and some days I do not even hit my (1.2g) of protein intake because I am trying to eat intuitively.

However, when it comes to your fitness goals, we got to stay discipline, on track and on plan and sometimes it is what digest well for your system and food just becomes fuel for the body.

Above is a comparison of animal-based protein and plant protein options to incorporate into a meal. You can see whether you choose animal or plant protein you will be able to hit your daily protein intake.

Animal proteins are not the gods of all protein in muscle building. Knowledge is. The more research you do, the more understanding you have on the different types of protein you need for your body type, the more food choices you can have when you eat out.

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