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GOOD NEWS: Cash Money Not Likely to Infect You with COVID or Any Variant


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“There is no particular risk of infection of SARS-CoV-2 from cash money” — Paul Ebeling

Are you wondering how long coronaviruses remain infectious on paper money and coins or if it is possible to pick up the virus by handling cash? It turns out the risk of catching COVID from coins or banknotes is very low. 

The Big Q: How long do coronaviruses remain infectious on banknotes and coins?

The Big A: Under realistic conditions, the risk of contracting SARS-CoV-2 from cash is very low.

According to a recent study researchers treated 10-cent, 1-euro, and 5-cent coins and banknotes with virus solutions and observed how long the infectious virus remained.

While it was still present on a stainless-steel surface after seven days, on the 10-euro banknote, it disappeared completely in only 3 days. No infectious virus was found on a nickel after only 1 hr.

“The rapid decline on the 5-cent piece is because it’s made of copper, on which viruses are known to be less stable,” said one of the lead researchers, Dr. Daniel Todt.

And the shelf life of the virus variants studied so far has not differed from that of the original virus.

The study results line up with other studies showing that in most cases, infection occurs via aerosols or droplets, while infections via surfaces are almost nonexistent.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith, do not be Afraid!

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